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TEIIDDES-691 Fixed error icon problem for connected Teiid server. Also added methods to properly close Teiid instances (adminApi.close()) when servers are deleted to prevent stale sessions logging on server. Also added a simple server.ping in ServerManager.restoreState() so server is connected and Teiid View shows contents at start-up.
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TEIIDDES-682 Added checks and dialog for Deploy VDB action as well. Moved auto-connect for new server wizard dialog to the action to allow dialog to close on Finish.
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TEIIDDES-682 Added check for no valid Teiid server. Displaying dialog with message to that effect. Updated Execute VDB doc page.
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TEIIDDES-669: Added check for JavaCompiler class and, if not found, assume a JRE or invalid JDK version. Prompt the user before the wizard opens that they will need to compile manually or update to JDK 6. Also, added null check in the compilation step.
TEIIDDES-651 (SOA-2374) Added testPing() method which closes the connection after checking connection/sessions.
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TEIIDDES-593 Fixed i18n warnings and removed unused imports
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TEIIDDES-593 Converted all provider names to "JBoss by Red Hat". externalized plugin.xml and MANIFEST.MF strings
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TEIIDDES-630: Set classpath on StandardJavaFileManager instead of passing into compile task
TEIIDDES-641 Fixed NPE by removing unused/obsolete extension contribution for displaying additional connector binding info.
TEIIDDES-610: Changed to use severity from IStatus
TEIIDDES-636: Corrected property file entry name
TEIIDDES-634 Replacing spaces in project/model path with "_"'s to insure valid JNDI data source names
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TEIIDDES-523: Added WS-Security (Username Token) logic
TEIIDDES-523: Added WS-Security (Username Token) logic
TEIIDDES-503 Changed default protocol to "mms". Tweaked Server wizard to properly auto-connect on finish and allow user to override (to not auto-connect).
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TEIIDDES-507 Added isXML check for preview type. This allows using SimpleSQLResultRunnable for standard row queries and the custom TeiidAdHocScriptRunnable for XML type (i.e. Operations)

Using the new Teiid Result Runnable in preview to enable XML results.

JBIDE-6966 Exception thrown on workspace shutdown. Looks like for some reason the DqpPlugin instance was null. Not sure how that happens but that is now checked during shutdown of DqpUiPlugin. Also added ServerManager state variable since ServerManager shutdown could possibly be called by different threads. Reviewed by Barry L.
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TEIIDDES-460: Added HTTPBasic support
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TEIIDDES-616: removing min bundle version from sdt dependency
TEIIDDES-616: Adding dependency on org.teiid.designer.sdt for builtInDataTypes.xsd
TEIIDDES-616: Changed to update schema in war with the correct schemaLocation for the builtInDataTypes schema and not muck with the workspace schema
TEIIDDES-616: Changed to recursively add schema imports and added special logic to handle schemas that import the builInDataTypes schema
TEIIDDES-618: Corrected error message handling for war generation
TEIIDDES-618: Corrected error message handling for war generation
TEIIDDES-613: removed code mucking with the direction of the slash in the war file generation location
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TEIIDDES-607 Added "Set Translator Name" action
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TEIIDDES-592: Removed address value from generated jbossws-cxf.xml file to avoid overriding value from wsdl.
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Changed DTP runnable to different type. Cleaning up transient profile on preview completion.

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TEIIDDES-596 Fixing dropped char on Data Source password dialog.
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