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JBDS-1575 Patch 7.1 branch with critical usability 7.3 fixes. Ported all changes made fixing TEIIDDES-859 to 7.1.
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TEIIDDES-859 Disabling cascading CreatePreviewVdbJob's during Project Open eve nts.
JBDS-1514 JBDS does not completely clean up Teiid PREVIEW VDBs and DataSources. Removed the timer that would stop the cleanup jobs when a certain amount of time had elapsed. Now the only way for the cleanup jobs not to finish is if the user cancels the dialog that is shown when the cleanup jobs are running. Each cleanup job is doing 2 things: deleting the preview VDB off the server, and (2) deleting the preview data source from the server. Since the cleanup jobs are run asynchronously chances are all cleanup jobs will already be deleting the VDB. So canceling will only stop the job from trying to delete the data source.
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TEIIDDES-688 Closing project and saving dirty editor results in ResourceException. Now check to see if project is closed in CreatePreviewVdbJob. If it is that job does nothing. Now when a project is opened UpdatePreviewVdbJobs are run for each model to ensure that they are all synchronized. Reviewed by Barry L.
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