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TEIIDDES-859 Disabling cascading CreatePreviewVdbJob's during Project Open eve nts.
JBDS-1514 JBDS does not completely clean up Teiid PREVIEW VDBs and DataSources. Removed the timer that would stop the cleanup jobs when a certain amount of time had elapsed. Now the only way for the cleanup jobs not to finish is if the user cancels the dialog that is shown when the cleanup jobs are running. Each cleanup job is doing 2 things: deleting the preview VDB off the server, and (2) deleting the preview data source from the server. Since the cleanup jobs are run asynchronously chances are all cleanup jobs will already be deleting the VDB. So canceling will only stop the job from trying to delete the data source.
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TEIIDDES-781 Adding New Model contributor that will generate relational procedures required for Text File connectors
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TEIIDDES-763 When project has an unrelated error, cannot preview source model (which has no errors). Problem was that the server through and exception when deploying the UDF model. Now check to only propogate exception if the model being previewed is dependent on that UDF model or if the project Preview VDB can't be deployed.
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TEIIDDES-541 Table data preview requires all models in project to be without validation errors - should pertain only to models required for preview. PreviewManager changed to allow preview if a model in the same project that is not a dependency has errors.
TEIIDDES-691 Fixed error icon problem for connected Teiid server. Also added methods to properly close Teiid instances (adminApi.close()) when servers are deleted to prevent stale sessions logging on server. Also added a simple server.ping in ServerManager.restoreState() so server is connected and Teiid View shows contents at start-up.
TEIIDDES-688 Closing project and saving dirty editor results in ResourceException. Now check to see if project is closed in CreatePreviewVdbJob. If it is that job does nothing. Now when a project is opened UpdatePreviewVdbJobs are run for each model to ensure that they are all synchronized. Reviewed by Barry L.
TEIIDDES-634 Replacing spaces in project/model path with "_"'s to insure valid JNDI data source names
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JBIDE-6966 Exception thrown on workspace shutdown. Looks like for some reason the DqpPlugin instance was null. Not sure how that happens but that is now checked during shutdown of DqpUiPlugin. Also added ServerManager state variable since ServerManager shutdown could possibly be called by different threads. Reviewed by Barry L.
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TEIIDDES-621 Fix to check if Server is connected early in the preview manager shutdown method to prevent connection attempt error.
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TEIIDDES-605 Added creation and deployment of Function model Preview VDB's
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TEIIDDES-607 Preventing Data source from being created if Source REQUIRES password and there is none. This may happen in UpdatePreviewVdbJob
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TEIIDDES-596 Fixing dropped char on Data Source password dialog.
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TEIIDDES-525 added call to refresh connection properties on profile selection. Added "requries password" check for connections that don't have one.
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