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JBDS-1575 upgrading version to 7.1.1
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JBDS-1575 TEIIDDES-869 patch back-ported to 7.1 branch

Fixing incorrect model generation.

Removed unused imports and fixed I18n warnings.
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Modelgenerator for ws connector procedures.

  1. ./src/com/metamatrix/modeler/relational/ui/webservice
TEIIDDES-793 Upgrading LEGAL.txt and feature files to use 2011 in copyright.
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TEIIDDES-781 Adding New Model contributor that will generate relational procedures required for Text File connectors
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JBDS-1447 Adding Legal HTML page for each plugin
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TEIIDDES-593 Converted all provider names to "JBoss by Red Hat". externalized plugin.xml and MANIFEST.MF strings
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TEIIDDES-569, TEIIDDES-72 Added the SQLXML type handling. Fixes the CLOB as String import problem. Removes special handling for NUMERIC/DECIMAL types to convert them into fixed integral types.
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Release for JBT 3.2
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