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Updating Teiid Jars from ER9 EDS kit
TEIIDDES-815 Added Target Location to first wizard page and applicable validation
TEIIDDES-804 Changed all "Teiid Data Source" references to just Data Source
JBIDE-8055 bump soap requirements used by JBT tests, Modeshape and JBDS uberbuild to ER8 release. Teiid Designer and JBT ModeShape Tools trunk and CR2 have been updated with the ER8 ModeShape jars.
JBDS-1514 JBDS does not completely clean up Teiid PREVIEW VDBs and DataSources. Removed the timer that would stop the cleanup jobs when a certain amount of time had elapsed. Now the only way for the cleanup jobs not to finish is if the user cancels the dialog that is shown when the cleanup jobs are running. Each cleanup job is doing 2 things: deleting the preview VDB off the server, and (2) deleting the preview data source from the server. Since the cleanup jobs are run asynchronously chances are all cleanup jobs will already be deleting the VDB. So canceling will only stop the job from trying to delete the data source.
TEIIDDES-810 Replaced UiConstants/Util query.ui calls with transformation.ui classes & I18n's broken with previous refactoring.
Latest Teiid 7.1.1 jars
TEIIDDES-809 Added refresh of dialog and auto-selection of new Connection Profile.
JBDS-1511 Unhandled Event Loop Exceptions during XML Schema import process. Ran into a problem with the static initializer code. That class initializer code seemed to be loaded at different times when running in my IDE and when running in JBDS. I reimplented my fix and got rid of the static block.
TEIIDDES-779 Removed redundant "category" property for Flat File Connection info provider.
JBDS-1496 fixed some missing links, etc.
JBIDE-7914 org.drools.eclipse.core.DefaultRuleGroup cannot be cast to org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject. Fixed a couple problems in SelectionUtilities that was relying on the object's equals method in order to work. (Ran into a problem with a Drools class whose equals method was not working correctly.) Also made sure our actions were only enabling if the selected object was found in a model project.
TEIIDDES-799 Changing default Show Non-Model Files value to TRUE

Changing the list of IConnectionProfiles to a Set in order to eliminate duplicates.

TEIIDDES-798 Adding tooltips to SqlEditorPanel toolbar actions during set-up.

Adding a wrapper for the eclipse URI resolver to the validator.

Removed unused imports and fixed I18n warnings.

Modelgenerator for ws connector procedures.


Created new Web Service (non-SOAP) connection profile.

TEIIDDES-793 Upgrading LEGAL.txt and feature files to use 2011 in copyright.
  1. … 104 more files in changeset.
JBDS-1511 Unhandled Event Loop Exceptions during XML Schema import process. Using reflection to get around the differences in Eclipse target platforms (API changed on superclass starting with 3.6.2). Reviewed by Barry L.
TEIIDDES-781 Adding New Model contributor that will generate relational procedures required for Text File connectors
  1. ./plugins/org.teiid.designer.relational.ui/icons/full
TEIIDDES-779 Adding ability to set/get Flat File connection profile on a model.
Remove System.out
JBDS-1496 Fixed image refs, added missing images.
JBIDE-7914 org.drools.eclipse.core.DefaultRuleGroup cannot be cast to org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject: This has been fixed in trunk but I forgot to check into the 7.1 branch. Code now checks to make sure the selected object is contained in a Teiid Designer Model Project. This will prevent non-EObjects and non-IFiles from getting into code that will cause ClassCastExceptions.

Fixing bad path.

JBIDE-8055 bump soap requirements used by JBT tests, Modeshape and JBDS uberbuild to ER7 release: Updated ModeShape Tools and Teiid Designer to new ModeShape ER7 jars.
TEIIDDES-778 tweak name of folder check-box reference to coincide with super class changes in 3.6.2 jar.
Upgrading to latest Teiid 7.1.1 jars