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BZ1012570: Roll up patch JBDS_EDS_5.3.1_3_2013
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BZ950666: update site release changes
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BZ910030: signed jars for embedded_query, pom.xml and MANIFEST.MF plus version info
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BZ835921: (note the previous commits contain the wrong BZ #) This updates master.xml, and teiid_embedded_query/[.classpath, build.properties]
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TEIIDDES-1377 Update Designer User's Guide. Removed duplicate appendix.
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TEIIDDES-1377 - initial check in of new chapter and re-org'd chapters and appendices per the suggested TOC.
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TEIIDDES-1370 Add attached datasource/translator/importer matrix as an appendix in the docs. Created referenced matrix in docbook as an appendix. Also changed the UI Reference to an appendix.
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Add external builders to user guide project

* Eclipse's m2e does not seem to like the pom.xml for the user guide

project and rather than modifying it (include mappings), its natures have

been removed in favour of using maven as an external builder

* Adds in publican external launcher as well but disabled as it may be

occasionally useful

* wrapper scripts ensure that if maven and publican are not installed then

the external builders will exit gracefully rather than throwing horrible

eclipse errors.

* Updated Teiid Designer manual version number to be 7.7.1

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

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