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TEIIDDES-1616: Added support for header parameters. The parameter names can be added to the REST:Headers extended property using a semi-colon delimiter. Ex. header1;header2;header3

When header parameters are used, the underlying procedure should expect those values first. Other parameters from URI path, query params, or input documents will be passed in after the header parameters.

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TEIIDDES-1560: Added support for query parameters to the generated REST war.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Action needed a default no-arg constructor because it's contributed through extension
TEIIDDES-1389 Propagating vdbJndiName into Generate REST War wizard framework
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TEIIDDES-1389 Added instructions for Deploy WAR action. Additional logic to auto-create vdb Data Source in Deploy VDB dialog/action
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TEIIDDES-1389 Added rest-method combo and rest URI text widgets. Auto-setting these properties in DefineViewProcedureDialog and action
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TEIIDDES-1389 Added Generate REST War action/dialog. Added Apply REST properties to procedure dialog.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Create SingleProjectFilter so action dialogs can be limited in scope for selection in the currently focused project stored in the action set properties. This is a passive filter, so if dialogs NOT using properties or if project is NOT set, the extra filter is ignored
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TEIIDDES-1401: Changed the service name to use the context rather than the VDB name.
TEIIDDES-1141: Changed WAR generation to work with JBossWS-CXF 3.x and 4.x by moving the WSDL and schemas as well as references to the WSDL to WEB-INF/wsdl.
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TEIIDDES-1384: Corrected to set password for generated WARs using security. Also added a mask to the password field.
TEIIDDES-1367: Changed to use fully qualified procedure names in generated classes
TEIIDDES-1356 add 'you' to message
TEIIDDES-1356 add 'you' to message
TEIIDDES-247 - resolve issues with preview execution of salesforce getUpated and getDeleted procedures.
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Validate the hostname in the teiid Server Wizard

* ServerPage

* Adds validation to check that the hostname entered is contactable

* Page can only be complete if the status is OK.

* ServerWizard

* Stop the wizard from closing if the status of the page is not OK. This

meets the usecase of entering an invalid value in a field then clicking

the finish button. The latter effectively disables under the cursor and

the wizard stays open.

TEIIDDES-1331 - Host field of Teiid Server Properties dialog should validate

only when focus is shifted to another field

Fix frequent validation in server properties wizard

* ServerPage

* The text fields for the server hostname and credentials is validating

on each letter input. This makes the user experience tedious, especially

if long hostnames need to be typed.

* Change the modify listeners to focus listeners so that the validation is

performed only when the user has completed typing and moves focus away

from the current field.

TEIIDDES-1331 - Host field of Teiid Server Properties dialog should validate

only when focus is shifted to another field

TEIIDDES-1317 fixed model type check to do string compare and not "=="

1) Any VDB that addes XSD files will now set it's vdb entry type to "OTHER"

2) ON Vdb.save() I'm converting any "legacy" XSD files with "TYPE" to "OTHER"

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TEIIDDES-1234 Changed construction of WAR based on all models and files located in .metadata/.pllugins/org.teiid.designer.vdb/MY_VDB/ folder
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