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TEIIDDES-1389 Added Generate REST War action/dialog. Added Apply REST properties to procedure dialog.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Create SingleProjectFilter so action dialogs can be limited in scope for selection in the currently focused project stored in the action set properties. This is a passive filter, so if dialogs NOT using properties or if project is NOT set, the extra filter is ignored
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TEIIDDES-1401: Changed the service name to use the context rather than the VDB name.
TEIIDDES-1141: Changed WAR generation to work with JBossWS-CXF 3.x and 4.x by moving the WSDL and schemas as well as references to the WSDL to WEB-INF/wsdl.
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TEIIDDES-1384: Corrected to set password for generated WARs using security. Also added a mask to the password field.
TEIIDDES-1367: Changed to use fully qualified procedure names in generated classes
TEIIDDES-247 - resolve issues with preview execution of salesforce getUpated and getDeleted procedures.
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Validate the hostname in the teiid Server Wizard

* ServerPage

* Adds validation to check that the hostname entered is contactable

* Page can only be complete if the status is OK.

* ServerWizard

* Stop the wizard from closing if the status of the page is not OK. This

meets the usecase of entering an invalid value in a field then clicking

the finish button. The latter effectively disables under the cursor and

the wizard stays open.

TEIIDDES-1331 - Host field of Teiid Server Properties dialog should validate

only when focus is shifted to another field

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Fix frequent validation in server properties wizard

* ServerPage

* The text fields for the server hostname and credentials is validating

on each letter input. This makes the user experience tedious, especially

if long hostnames need to be typed.

* Change the modify listeners to focus listeners so that the validation is

performed only when the user has completed typing and moves focus away

from the current field.

TEIIDDES-1331 - Host field of Teiid Server Properties dialog should validate

only when focus is shifted to another field

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TEIIDDES-1317 fixed model type check to do string compare and not "=="

1) Any VDB that addes XSD files will now set it's vdb entry type to "OTHER"

2) ON Vdb.save() I'm converting any "legacy" XSD files with "TYPE" to "OTHER"

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TEIIDDES-1234 Changed construction of WAR based on all models and files located in .metadata/.pllugins/org.teiid.designer.vdb/MY_VDB/ folder
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