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TEIIDDES-1616: Added support for header parameters. The parameter names can be added to the REST:Headers extended property using a semi-colon delimiter. Ex. header1;header2;header3

When header parameters are used, the underlying procedure should expect those values first. Other parameters from URI path, query params, or input documents will be passed in after the header parameters.

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TEIIDDES-690 Refactor > Move source model produces preview errors. Put in some defensive code that will prevent preview jobs from running if the resource does not exist. Also fixed issue in VdbUtil that assumed model was at the same path in workspace as when it was added to VDB. Reviewed by mdrillin.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Added methods to create a VDB Data source on the default server given a VDB
TEIIDDES-1389 Added rest-method combo and rest URI text widgets. Auto-setting these properties in DefineViewProcedureDialog and action
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TEIIDDES-1357 Added requiresPassword(profile) to IConnectionInfoProvider so the WS profile can return FALSE if the security is set to NONE. Had to implement all methods for instances of IConnectionInfoProvider
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Fix potential problems flagged by findbugs

* TeiidVdb

* Redefines the equals method but not the hashcode method.

* Used in population of sets so equals and hashcode must be consistent

* XsdEditor

* BaseTypeRule

* ImportTextWizard

* UiBusyIndicator

* Equality comparisons with == rather than equals

* SqlAutoIndentStrategy

* Result of trim is never assigned

TEIIDDES-1326 - Use findbugs to identify code bugs and potential problems

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