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TEIIDDES-1389 Added rest-method combo and rest URI text widgets. Auto-setting these properties in DefineViewProcedureDialog and action
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TEIIDDES-1389 Added Generate REST War action/dialog. Added Apply REST properties to procedure dialog.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Added Define VDB action. Replaces Create VDB in action guides.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Created a set of actions/dialogs to create new view procedures (similar to view table wizard). Exposing only in Action Sets for the time being.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Create SingleProjectFilter so action dialogs can be limited in scope for selection in the currently focused project stored in the action set properties. This is a passive filter, so if dialogs NOT using properties or if project is NOT set, the extra filter is ignored
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TEIIDDES-1362 Added injection of XML LOCAL vs XML REMOTE on appropriate guides actions and XML import wizard.
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TEIIDDES-1272 Adding support for XML Attributes for XML File import wizard

TEIIDDES-1355 Changed EMPTY Root path to ERROR and added auto-setting the root path to the initial xml root's name

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TEIIDDES-1302 Added dialog to choose between REST WS CP and XML FILE URL if XML > FILE URL is selected in page 1
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