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TEIIDDES-1362 Added injection of XML LOCAL vs XML REMOTE on appropriate guides actions and XML import wizard.
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TEIIDDES-1272 Added method to calculate initial common root path.
TEIIDDES-1272 Adding support for XML Attributes for XML File import wizard

TEIIDDES-1355 Changed EMPTY Root path to ERROR and added auto-setting the root path to the initial xml root's name

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TEIIDDES-1272 adding package/folder for new refactored wizard page panels
TEIIDDES-1351 changed a viewer.setInput() call to a document.set(SQL) call
TEIIDDES-1346 added modify listener to SQL Text viewer and setting SQL on view table object.
TEIIDDES-1345 added Description group to first tab and wired to business object

TEIIDDES-1346 added modify listener to SQL Text viewer and setting SQL on view table object.

TEIIDDES-1343 added checks for just "project" property being set and finding/setting the project as the landing source/view model location.
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TEIIDDES-1302 Added check for REST WS profile, returning WSConnectionInfoProvider
Modify column info name to use element symbol

* TeiidColumnInfo

* To tie in better with teiid column validation, control the name

validation with a teiid element symbol rather than the name validator.

This ensures that the name provided to the column is always valid

according to teiid's rules.

* Exception to be handled is inclusion of '.'s. This must be replaced with

'_'s before validating against teiid's rules.

* Provide getSymbolName() method which provides the fully validated name

including quotes, while the getName() method removes the quotes and

should only be used in UI display.

* TeiidXmlFileInfo

* Tidy up code duplication in addColumn methods

* TeiidXmlImportXmlConfigurationPage

* Do not allow the wizard to continue if the file info model is invalid

TEIIDDES-1300 - Validate Column Names in XML to Relational Importer

TEIIDDES-1332 added wrapping of column names in d-quotes if : exists in name for generated SQL
TEIIDDES-1302: Fix for secure REST sources to work using passed credentials and cleaned up code
TEIIDDES-1302 Initial changes to allow REST WS CP
TEIIDDES-1302 Added dialog to choose between REST WS CP and XML FILE URL if XML > FILE URL is selected in page 1
Fix for exception when selecting existing source model

* In XML import wizard, clicking on the browse button and selecting a

source model, an exception is thrown and the name of the model is not

displayed in the source text box.

* TeiidXmlImportSourcePage

* Although, synchronizeUI is being called, it needs to set the text in the

sourceModelFileText box and not just the value of sourceModelFilePath.

Once this text box has been populated the exception is resolved.

TEIIDDES-1320 - Name field not populated when selecting existing source

model in 'Import from XML Source'

Fix for incorrect column lengths in diagrams

* FlatFileViewModelFactory

* Columns have been added to the base table via the information in the

SQL string yet this only goes so far as to set fixed length values to

their default length. Thus, the SQL string displays a width for an

attribute different to that displayed in the ViewModel

* Adds a createColumns method to create the columns in the base table

using the direct column metadata, which sets the correct fixed lengths.

TEIIDDES-1315 - Flat File Importer creates view model with column lengths

not equal to those defined by the view's transformation


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Parsing string value of 0 not handled in import wizard

* When select-dragging in the preview window, a value for the text column

length is set. However, clicking the selection away returns the value to


* Creating the column checks when the text column length has been populated

then parses the value. This value though is parsed as 0 resulting in the


* Test inserted to check the value and if 0 retain the default length

TEIIDDES-1316 - (Flat file importer - fixed length) Defining a column with

length of zero generates Unhandled event loop exception

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