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TEIIDDES-1118 - additional fix for handling windows UNC path issue
TEIIDDES-1429 added check to prevent auto-creating a translator override instance if only the "name" property is returned from the connection info helper
TEIIDDES-690 Refactor > Move source model produces preview errors. Put in some defensive code that will prevent preview jobs from running if the resource does not exist. Also fixed issue in VdbUtil that assumed model was at the same path in workspace as when it was added to VDB. Reviewed by mdrillin.
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1) Any VDB that addes XSD files will now set it's vdb entry type to "OTHER"

2) ON Vdb.save() I'm converting any "legacy" XSD files with "TYPE" to "OTHER"

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TEIIDDES-1234 Changed construction of WAR based on all models and files located in .metadata/.pllugins/org.teiid.designer.vdb/MY_VDB/ folder
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