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TEIIDDES-1540: Non-UTF-8 Multi-byte characters imported from csv file are garbled
TEIIDDES-1255 fixes to allow getting an execution plan without executing a query
BZ-873834 added non-prepared property for ProcedureImpl's in relationa.mxd
BZ835921: (note the previous commits contain the wrong BZ #) This updates master.xml, and teiid_embedded_query/[.classpath, build.properties]
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BZ869692: Update to 7.7.2 teiid jars in teiid_embedded_query
BZ835921: Update of pom.xml, MANIFEST.MF, feature.xml across the board to 7.1.2
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BZ835921: Update of pom.xml, MANIFEST.MF of affected plugins to 7.1.2
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BZ869692: (relational.mxd) Provide the relational.xmd file which has the native-query property
TEIIDDES-1484: File Source importer reverses view/table name typing on Windows
TEIIDDES-1466: url config property for Salesforce being dropped from -ds.xml creation during deployment from JBDS 5.0
TEIIDDES-1461: Elapsed Time in the JBoss developer studio shows incorrect timestamps
TEIIDDES-1118 - additional fix for handling windows UNC path issue
TEIIDDES-1462 - Relaxed name validation on source function procedures to allow overloaded names. Added signature validation to prevent source functions with the same name to have the same signature.
TEIIDDES-1458 - Now doing a unique name check when adding FKs, to ensure no duplicates are added. Also corrected problem where unique key was not getting set on the FK for the supplied DDL usecase.
TEIIDDES-1452 - Modified to use ElementSymbol for name validation rather than RelationalStringNameValidator. Also added a separate check and message to determine if the source has no connection profile defined.
TEIIDDES-1455 - Made variables threadsafe by moving declarations to the execute() method.
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TEIIDDES-1443 added check for TransformationMetadata and wrapping in TempMetadataAdapter to handle TempMetadataID's
TEIIDDES-1325 upgraded Teiid jars and source to latest 7.7.1 ER5 build
TEIIDDES-1431 upgraded ModeShape jars to 2.8.1.GA
TEIIDDES-1430 Replaced use of Eclipse core Path class with simple internal SchemaPath to track root, full and relative path values
TEIIDDES-1429 added check to prevent auto-creating a translator override instance if only the "name" property is returned from the connection info helper
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TEIIDDES-1420: Added logic to account for resource resolution on Windows
TEIIDDES-1421 Fixed issues with user text input for source and view model names.
TEIIDDES-1325 updated pom.xml for CR1 snapshot
TEIIDDES-1418 replaced teiid 7.7.1 client jar with correct version
TEIIDDES-1418: Upgraded to 6-13-2012 Teiid 7.7.1 jars
TEIIDDES-690 Refactor > Move source model produces preview errors. Put in some defensive code that will prevent preview jobs from running if the resource does not exist. Also fixed issue in VdbUtil that assumed model was at the same path in workspace as when it was added to VDB. Reviewed by mdrillin.
JBIDE-10139 - fixed summary page problem, updated toc links for 7.7
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