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Merge 7.7.x branch back to trunk/master

* ui.bot.test plugin from master upped to 7.7.1

Merge taken from 7.7.x commit

* sha id 63909830dd9b8ac3857e227e7c6a992d9cb98b97

* svn revision 2657







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  1. … 567 more files in changeset.
TEIIDDES-1318 Faced with multiple installation jar files, Designer may choose the wrong one
Updating some svn .ignore properties.
  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
TEIIDDES-1118 reverting change in URI construction for synchronize method
TEIIDDES-1190 Tweaked SYS.xmi plugin.xml name to match what System.vdb zip entry is returning. Was "/System/SYS.xmi". Now is "System/SYS.xmi"
TEIIDDES-1297 fixed incorrect InfoPopAction ids.
TEIIDDES-1296 removed the notion of a WS Data File in all guide action sets
TEIIDDES-1295 added getAction() for XML Doc model
TEIIDDES-1293 Finished dialog by implementing a simple server selection combo box
TEIIDDES-1294 - added import-from-xml-remote-createVDB cheat sheet to build includes.
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TEIIDDES-1214 changed generate WS models in action to "generate relational models"
TEIIDDES-1292 Added final all-is-ok check so error message is gone
TEIIDDES-1262 changed setting of wsdl URI to the setConnectionProfile() to prevent NPE during cheat sheet launch.
TEIIDDES-1191 made function model label "Function (Deprecated)"
TEIIEDDES-1290 added null check on designerProperties before setting values
TEIIEDDES-1290 added null check on designerProperties before setting values
TEIIDDES-1262: Correct relative path generation for MESSGAE mode. It was including the SOAP:Envelope.
TEIIDDES-1262: Fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when calculating the root path.
TEIIDDES-1262: Change to allow user to override the generated root path. Also, corrected logic to calculate root path. It was not considering the case when there was a single simple type element and was including the element name in the root path.
TEIIDDES-1262 fixed some problems with page validation and button enablement
  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
TEIIDDES-1214 Fixed NPE when no designer properties exist
TEIIDDES-1262: Change to calculate lowest common path for all child elements
TEIIDDES-1069 - trim url text to eliminate any leading or trailing blanks when saving the url property.
TEIIDDES-1235 tweaked create connection profile step for the new CP dialog (no endpoint definition)
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TEIIDDES-1262 Properly setting and clearing the Response root path text value
TEIIDDES-1262 - removed restoreState on pages - fixes problem with blank pages on launch from Cheat Sheet
TEIIDDES-1262: Removed println calls that were used for testing
TEIIDDES-1262: Added logic to traverse output message for selected operation and build parent-child tree used to determine XPath values.
TEIIDDES-1262 Tweaked layout and title of WsdlDefinitionPage
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TEIIDDES-1266 - included conversions in designer, so that query timeout is still displayed in seconds in the vdb editor, but is persisted into the vdb manifest in milliseconds as expected.