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TEIIDDES-1265 Incorporation of several defect fixes regarding Teiid Execution Plan Usability. (TEIIDDES-880, TEIIDDES-942, TEIIDDES-1194)
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TEIIDDES-1038: Made REST URI property optional, added a blank accepted value for REST Method property, and added model validation to assure REST Method and URI both have values OR are both blank. Also changed menu options to "Enable REST for Procedures" and "Disable REST for Procedures".
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TEIIDDES-1033: Removed Manage Extended Properties action and related objects for eObjects and model resource. This was no longer needed with the implementation of the new extended properties framework.
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TEIIDDES-1031 Add "Undo Make RESTful" Menu Option/Action for Virtual Procedures. Added a the proposed action. This action will only be visible when the REST extension properties exist in the model.
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TEIIDDES-926 - Changed "Apply REST Extension Properties" to "Make RESTful"
TEIIDDES-908 Replace Salesforce Extension Model created during import

TEIIDDES-926 Create persistance and loading mechanism for XML-based Model Extension Definitions

Fixed some issues (indexing, decorators), implemented saving the model extension definition in the model, and also added REST extension properties implementation.

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TEIIDDES-369: Added icon to lower right corner of previewable objects
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TEIIDDES-631: Added REST war generator for VDBs which maps virtual procedures to REST operations in the generated war.
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TEIIDDES-717 Designer should provide option to create datasources during the VDB deploy. There is now a user preference that tells Designer to auto-create data sources if the JNDI name matches the default name (i.e., user didn't change the JNDI name). Otherwise, at the time of VDB deployment, the user is asked if they want the data source created. If there is missing translator information in the VDB, Designer will not allow the VDB to be deployed. Designer will still alow the VDB to be deployed, if the user wants, even when there are data source problems.
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TEIIDDES-804 Changing all labels of "Teiid Data Source" to just Data Source
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Merging 7.1 branch into trunk
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TEIIDDES-556 clean-up work, missing I18n's, etc. for 7.1 release
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TEIIDDES-571 Teiid servers are now decorated in the Teiid View if a connection cannot be established.

TEIIDDES-546 Added a menu item to the Teiid View that allows a user to enable/disable data preview.

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TEIIDDES-430 - Created wizard to generate a JBossWS-CXF war based off web service models for a VDB
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TEIIDDES-407 Refactoring Connection Info to datatools plugins.
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TEIIDDES-407 Fleshing out Data Source & Translator management functionality
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TEIIDDES-413 Modifying VdbSourceHandler framework
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move into plugins/
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