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Merge 7.7.x branch back to trunk/master

* ui.bot.test plugin from master upped to 7.7.1

Merge taken from 7.7.x commit

* sha id 63909830dd9b8ac3857e227e7c6a992d9cb98b97

* svn revision 2657







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TEIIDDES-1265 Incorporation of several defect fixes regarding Teiid Execution Plan Usability. (TEIIDDES-880, TEIIDDES-942, TEIIDDES-1194)
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TEIIDDES-1228 refactored PreviewTableDataContextAction to share code (PreviewDataWorker) with new PreviewDataAction, PreviewDataDialog
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TEIIDDES-1031 Add "Undo Make RESTful" Menu Option/Action for Virtual Procedures. Added a the proposed action. This action will only be visible when the REST extension properties exist in the model.
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TEIIDDES-908 Replace Salesforce Extension Model created during import

TEIIDDES-926 Create persistance and loading mechanism for XML-based Model Extension Definitions

Fixed some issues (indexing, decorators), implemented saving the model extension definition in the model, and also added REST extension properties implementation.

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TEIIDDES-369: Added icon to lower right corner of previewable objects
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TEIIDDES-631: Added REST war generator for VDBs which maps virtual procedures to REST operations in the generated war.
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TEIIDDES-717 Designer should provide option to create datasources during the VDB deploy. There is now a user preference that tells Designer to auto-create data sources if the JNDI name matches the default name (i.e., user didn't change the JNDI name). Otherwise, at the time of VDB deployment, the user is asked if they want the data source created. If there is missing translator information in the VDB, Designer will not allow the VDB to be deployed. Designer will still alow the VDB to be deployed, if the user wants, even when there are data source problems.
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Merging 7.1 branch into trunk
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TEIIDDES-571 Teiid servers are now decorated in the Teiid View if a connection cannot be established.

TEIIDDES-546 Added a menu item to the Teiid View that allows a user to enable/disable data preview.

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TEIIDDES-544 New CreateDataSourceWizard results in non UUID'd Data Sources created by user. These are now managed entirely by PreviewManager.
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TEIIDDES-457 Added Execute VDB action to Model explorer's "Modeling > Execute VDB" menu as well as available on single VDB selection in Teiid View. Also providing warning/error dialog messages when NOT deployed or deployed as INACTIVE
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TEIIDDES-546 Added a couple of preferences that enables/disables preview. These preferences can be edited on the Designer preference page.

TEIIDDES-531 The default Teiid server is now persisted when a session closes and is restored when a session starts.

TEIIDDES-526 Fixes a bug where the Preview VDB was being redeployed when it didn't need to be.

TEIIDDES-539 When a model "Save As" is done a Preview VDB now does get created.

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TEIIDDES-430 - Created wizard to generate a JBossWS-CXF war based off web service models for a VDB
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TEIIDES-232 Remove jdbc client pespective for sqlexplorer
TEIIDES-232 Remove sqlexplorer plugin
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TEIIDDES-450 Implemented "Change Translator" and "Change JNDI Data Source" actions and dialogs and contributed them via the VdbSourceConnectionHandler
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TEIIDDES-407 Refactoring Connection Info to datatools plugins.
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TEIIDDES-407 Fleshing out Data Source & Translator management functionality
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TEIIDDES-450 Refactoring Connectors to the concept of Translators
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TEIIDDES-407 Adding ConnectionFinder framework for auto-binding in VDB. Includes extension point in vdb plugin and extension in dqp plugin to do the work of finding a connection name given model name and some connection properties.
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move into plugins/
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