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TEIIDDES-1239 Wrapped the preview/server cleanup in the SWT thread
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TEIIDDES-1221, TEIIDDES-1214 Added Execute VDB action and related changes to enable in Advisor and Actions Library views
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TEIIDDES-1190 Removing unused old packages
TEIIDDES-1228 refactored PreviewTableDataContextAction to share code (PreviewDataWorker) with new PreviewDataAction, PreviewDataDialog
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TEIIDDES-1054 Tweaked UI components for difference & compare panels. Replaced sashform with group, removed splitter. Added select/unselect all buttons to toolbar to save space.
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TEIIDDES-870 Added simple test JDBC ping to Test Connection button. Uses dynamic VDB xml in place of zip-vdb.
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TEIIDDES-1097 Moved check-box to bottom of page outside of admin panel. Add dark blue font color to notes and URLs
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TEIIDDES-1048 ModelExtensionAssistant API Should Be Changed To Remove Methods That Pertain To Namespaces Other Than Their Own. Lots of refactoring to assistants and rest of framework. Now assistants are only responsible for/knowledgeable of their model extension definition and their properties. Assistants now know nothing of a registry. Created an aggregator object that knows how to accumulate information from all assistants.
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TEIIDDES-1046 Enabling REST for Procedures that were RESTful in 7.4.2 Leaves the Legacy Tags. Changed the action to enable REST to only enable if there are no new REST extension properties and no old 7.4 REST extension properties. Also now deleting the resource annotation and the model object annotation of no tags remain after a tag is deleted. Refactored the REST actions to get rid of duplicate code.
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TEIIDDES-1032: Corrected column name
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TEIIDDES-1031 Add "Undo Make RESTful" Menu Option/Action for Virtual Procedures. Added a the proposed action. This action will only be visible when the REST extension properties exist in the model.
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TEIIDDES-1030 Undo of REST Extended Properties Leaves MDX in Model. The MDX can now be removed from the model by the user using "Undo." Setting of extension properties are being undone correctly.
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TEIIDDES-908 Replace Salesforce Extension Model created during import

TEIIDDES-926 Create persistance and loading mechanism for XML-based Model Extension Definitions

Fixed some issues (indexing, decorators), implemented saving the model extension definition in the model, and also added REST extension properties implementation.

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TEIIDDES-965: Added option for enabling MTOM in generated web service
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TEIIDDES-369: Added icon to lower right corner of previewable objects
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TEIIDDES-981 Preview Data Action Should Let User Know When There Is Not A Default Teiid Instance Defined. The deploy VDB action now will ask the user if they want to create a server if one does not exist. And the preview action will ask the user if they want to enable preview (if not enabled) and if they want to create a server (if one doesn't exist.
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TEIIDDES-330 Removing preview data action from diagram toolbars
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TEIIDDES-631: Added option to exclude jars from the lib folder of the generated war. This will prevent conflicts if RESTEasy is already installed on the server.
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TEIIDDES-631: Added REST war generator for VDBs which maps virtual procedures to REST operations in the generated war.
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TEIIDDES-964 Added dirty resources check at start of Preview Data action
TEIIDDES-947: Added clarity to the JNDI name value in the war generation dialog
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TEIIDDES-717 Designer should provide option to create datasources during the VDB deploy. Fixes a line-wrapping issue in one of the messages.
TEIIDDES-717 Designer should provide option to create datasources during the VDB deploy. There is now a user preference that tells Designer to auto-create data sources if the JNDI name matches the default name (i.e., user didn't change the JNDI name). Otherwise, at the time of VDB deployment, the user is asked if they want the data source created. If there is missing translator information in the VDB, Designer will not allow the VDB to be deployed. Designer will still alow the VDB to be deployed, if the user wants, even when there are data source problems.
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TEIIDDES-710 Add Ability to Create Translator Overrides in Designer: First cut at a new tab to the VDB editor that allows translator overrides. Models can then be assigned to use when of the overrides as its translator.
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TEIIDDES-878: Added a group for WS-Security options
TEIIDDES-746 Translator/JNDI Name cells should be a comboboxes, but not textboxes. CellEditors for the translator and JNDI name columns are now comboboxes when a default server is connected. The comboboxes are filled with the existing translator names and data source names obtained from the Teiid Server. The user is still allowed to add their own name if they don't want to choose and existing one. If there is no default server or the default server is not connected the CellEditor remains a text field. Also those columns are now readonly if VDB is readonly.
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TEIIDDES-896 Move VDB Preference Page To The Editor Preference Page. Preference page has been moved.
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TEIIDDES-884 Deleted unused classes. Refactored more to org.teiid.designer packages
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TEIIDDES-884 General Code Housekeeping for 7.4 release. Deleted some unused VDB-related classes.
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TEIIDDES-884 fixed i18n warnings and removed unused imports
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