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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on night tests: Moving mockito and powermock dependencies from test framgment to associated host plugin as an optional dependency. Will do a test build to see if this gets rid of the build errors associated with PowerMock and Mockito.
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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on nightly tests. Turned all test projects into plugin fragments so OSGi testing (JUnit Plugin Tests). Modified POMs and created a test feature.
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Merging 7.1 branch into trunk
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TEIIDDES-556 Update to 7.1.0 Release version
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TEIIDDES-409 Fixes to block action during preview set-up, adding XML Doc and XSD files to Preview VDB's
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TEIIDDES-413: This is the initial check-in of the new Preview Data framework. The framework uses hidden workspace VDBs for each previewable model. Implementation relies on resource change events and the Eclipse Job framework. Reviewed by Barry L.
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TEIIDDES-407 Refactoring Connection Info to datatools plugins.
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TEIIDDES-450 Refactoring Connectors to the concept of Translators
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rolling back removal of '.qualifier' from Bundle-Version
TEIIDDES-407 Adding ConnectionFinder framework for auto-binding in VDB. Includes extension point in vdb plugin and extension in dqp plugin to do the work of finding a connection name given model name and some connection properties.
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fix site.xml, add .qualifiers, and add svn:ignore
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move into plugins/
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