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TEIIDDES-911 VdbSourceConnectionHandler Is Referencing Some Incorrect i18n Keys. Fixed the invalid key.
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TEIIDDES-816 Refactor Common Code Between TeiidAdminInfo And TeiidJdbcInfo Into A Superclass. Create the TeiidConnectionInfo base class and moved "host" property to "Server." Updated tests.
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TEIIDDES-755 Tweaked Server wizard check box reflect edit vs new server. Also implemented auto-connect/reconnect for "Edit" version. Add error checking for JBDC port number.
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Removing unused VDB Execution code removed for 7.1.
Merging 7.1 branch changes into trunk
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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on nightly tests. Turned all test projects into plugin fragments so OSGi testing (JUnit Plugin Tests). Modified POMs and created a test feature.
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TEIIDDES-528: Shutdown of Designer now waits for preview jobs to finish unless the jobs take too long (more than 10 seconds).

TEIIDDES-545: Reconnecting to a Teiid server now refreshes the TeiidView.

Also got rid of an unneeded constant in VdbElement.

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Generalizing the Actions and helper classes around Teiid connections to enable SalesForce connections. Should be generic enough for anything now.

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TEIIDDES-409 Misc fixes and tweaks to get pvdb's correctly deployed to Teiid Server.
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TEIIDDES-413: This is the initial check-in of the new Preview Data framework. The framework uses hidden workspace VDBs for each previewable model. Implementation relies on resource change events and the Eclipse Job framework. Reviewed by Barry L.
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TEIIDDES-407 Refactoring Connection Info to datatools plugins.
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TEIIDDES-407 Fleshing out Data Source & Translator management functionality
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TEIIDDES-450 Refactoring Connectors to the concept of Translators
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move into plugins/
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