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Merge 7.7.x branch back to trunk/master

* ui.bot.test plugin from master upped to 7.7.1

Merge taken from 7.7.x commit

* sha id 63909830dd9b8ac3857e227e7c6a992d9cb98b97

* svn revision 2657







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TEIIDDES-369: Added icon to lower right corner of previewable objects
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TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Problem was that the preview jobs were starting before the auto-build and were locking the model objects. The scheduling of the preview jobs are now being delayed to give the auto-build a chance to get started. Also, preview is not allowed if any preview job is running. The user is presented a dialog saying they must wait for the jobs to finish and offers to open the Progress View for them so they can monitor the running jobs.
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JBDS-1514 JBDS does not completely clean up Teiid PREVIEW VDBs and DataSources. Removed the timer that would stop the cleanup jobs when a certain amount of time had elapsed. Now the only way for the cleanup jobs not to finish is if the user cancels the dialog that is shown when the cleanup jobs are running. Each cleanup job is doing 2 things: deleting the preview VDB off the server, and (2) deleting the preview data source from the server. Since the cleanup jobs are run asynchronously chances are all cleanup jobs will already be deleting the VDB. So canceling will only stop the job from trying to delete the data source.
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Merging 7.1 branch into trunk
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TEIIDDES-559 Fixes some problems with the jobs running at the same time the build runs and at the same time a model is being saved. Turned the saving of the model into a job so it plays nicely with the preview jobs now. Also a fix for the deploy status map in the PreviewManager that eliminates the Preview VDB from getting into the map more than once.
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TEIIDDES-413: Fixed some concurrency issues with the Preview VDB workspace jobs. These jobs will not run when autobuild is running. Also the jobs that modify the workspace now "lock" on the resource they are creating, updating, or deleting. This is done by using a Job scheduling rule.
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TEIIDDES-572, 576 Removing UUID Prefix on Preview Job progress monitor. Fix for NPE after switching Preview on/off.
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TEIIDDES-571 Teiid servers are now decorated in the Teiid View if a connection cannot be established.

TEIIDDES-546 Added a menu item to the Teiid View that allows a user to enable/disable data preview.

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TEIIDDES-409 Added logic in PreviewManager.notifyChanged() to react to changes in a Source Model's connection profile, so the manager can remove any deployed preview VDB's and accompanying deployed data sources. This is to handle cases where user changes a source model's Connection Profile.
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TEIIDDES-457 Added Execute VDB action to Model explorer's "Modeling > Execute VDB" menu as well as available on single VDB selection in Teiid View. Also providing warning/error dialog messages when NOT deployed or deployed as INACTIVE
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TEIIDDES-528: Shutdown of Designer now waits for preview jobs to finish unless the jobs take too long (more than 10 seconds).

TEIIDDES-545: Reconnecting to a Teiid server now refreshes the TeiidView.

Also got rid of an unneeded constant in VdbElement.

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TEIIDDES-563 Fixed problem with initial PVDB creation not calling vdb.save()
TEIIDDES-546 Added a couple of preferences that enables/disables preview. These preferences can be edited on the Designer preference page.

TEIIDDES-531 The default Teiid server is now persisted when a session closes and is restored when a session starts.

TEIIDDES-526 Fixes a bug where the Preview VDB was being redeployed when it didn't need to be.

TEIIDDES-539 When a model "Save As" is done a Preview VDB now does get created.

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TEIIDDES-409 Fixes to block action during preview set-up, adding XML Doc and XSD files to Preview VDB's
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TEIIDDES-413: Fixed some thread safety problems in PreviewManager. Also action updated to create monitor that is used by PreviewSetupJob.
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TEIIDDES-409 More fixes and tweaks to get pvdb's correctly deployed to Teiid Server.
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TEIIDDES-409 Misc fixes and tweaks to get pvdb's correctly deployed to Teiid Server.
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TEIIDDES-413: This is the initial check-in of the new Preview Data framework. The framework uses hidden workspace VDBs for each previewable model. Implementation relies on resource change events and the Eclipse Job framework. Reviewed by Barry L.
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