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Merge 7.7.x branch back to trunk/master

* ui.bot.test plugin from master upped to 7.7.1

Merge taken from 7.7.x commit

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TEIIDDES-1227 Exception starting Designer with Empty VDB. Problem was the VdbUtil was trying to construct a Zip file with a zero byte file (this was throwing an exception). Changed the logic in VdbUtil for determining if a VDB is a Preview VDB. Also, when new VDB wizard is run it now creates the vdb.xml file.
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TEIIDDES-1219 Extension Property Keys Should Include The Namespace URI When Indexed. Extension property keys now use the Clark notation and include the namespace URI along with the property ID.
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TEIIDDES-1165 MED Editor Overview page should utilize same "Model Class" and "Model Type" combo boxes as the New Metadata Model wizard. Add supported model types to the MED business object and editor. Added tests.
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TEIIDDES-1200 Removed re-validation of non-vdb models in VdbModelEntry. Also added File date-time check to determine if Index file is up-to-date so we don't rebuild models when added to VDB, just add model and it's index file. Lastly, added check in VDB Editor to warn user that they are syncing a model(s) that is open in an editor and DIRTY (needs save)
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TEIIDDES-1146 There Are Problems Determining If A Model Extension Definition (MED) Applies To Workspace Selection. Modified EmfModelObjectExtensionAssistant to make sure the MED metamodel URI is that same as the selected model's primary metamodel URI.
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TEIIDDES-1146 There Are Problems Determining If A Model Extension Definition (MED) Applies To Workspace Selection. Added method to ModelExtensionAssistant for determining if a certain capability is supported. Calls to this method will be used by UI classes to determine enablement.
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TEIIDDES-1136 NPE in RuntimeAdapter when user-defined MED is registered. There was a problem with user-defined MEDs in that the ModelExtensionAssistant that was associated with them did not know how to access model object properties in our EMF models. Since the places that created the MED and associated the assistant to it did not have the dependency to EMF I createed an extension point for a factory that creates ModelObjectExtensionAssistants. So now the extension framework can use this factory to create the appropriate assistant.
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TEIIDDES-870 Added simple test JDBC ping to Test Connection button. Uses dynamic VDB xml in place of zip-vdb.
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TEIIDDES-1059 Split the XML importer into 2 paths, File and URL.
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TEIIDDES-1048 ModelExtensionAssistant API Should Be Changed To Remove Methods That Pertain To Namespaces Other Than Their Own. Lots of refactoring to assistants and rest of framework. Now assistants are only responsible for/knowledgeable of their model extension definition and their properties. Assistants now know nothing of a registry. Created an aggregator object that knows how to accumulate information from all assistants.
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TEIIDDES-885 Preview Data fails if attempted immediately after "Save" model. Before a new version of a preview VDB was deployed the old one on the server was undeployed. This was all done in a job. Talking to Teiid folks they said it was unnecessary to delete the old version of a PVDB from the server when deploying a new version. Deleting the undeploy job fixed seems to have fixed the problem.
TEIIDDES-1049 When A Model Extension Definition (MED) Is Removed From A Model All The Associated EObject Properties Are Not Being Removed. Now deleting all REST extension properties from all Procedures when a MED is removed.
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TEIIDDES-908 Replace Salesforce Extension Model created during import

TEIIDDES-926 Create persistance and loading mechanism for XML-based Model Extension Definitions

Fixed some issues (indexing, decorators), implemented saving the model extension definition in the model, and also added REST extension properties implementation.

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TEIIDDES-369: Added icon to lower right corner of previewable objects
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TEIIDDES-717 Designer should provide option to create datasources during the VDB deploy. There is now a user preference that tells Designer to auto-create data sources if the JNDI name matches the default name (i.e., user didn't change the JNDI name). Otherwise, at the time of VDB deployment, the user is asked if they want the data source created. If there is missing translator information in the VDB, Designer will not allow the VDB to be deployed. Designer will still alow the VDB to be deployed, if the user wants, even when there are data source problems.
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TEIIDDES-902 Added NULL metamodel descriptor check and returning FALSE
TEIIDDES-893 TEIIDDES-792 updating to Teiid 7.4 alpha1 and adding temporary patch code. fixed integration issues, consolidated resolving, and added support for virtual procedure inout/out/return params
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TEIIDDES-884 Deleted unused classes. Refactored more to org.teiid.designer packages
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TEIIDDES-570 Refactoring/fixing String name validation. Adding restrictive option to Relational name validation
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TEIIDDES-833 Teiid View's Tree Should Not Completely Expand Each Time It Is Refreshed. Tree expansion is left to the user and should remain unchanged when changes to view filters occur. Reviewed by Barry L.
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TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Fixes a problem where the Preview VDB was being created before EMF had completely loaded the model. When this happened the model would have a model type of "TYPE" instead of "PHYSICAL" or "VIRTUAL.". Now forcing a EMF resource load before calculating the model type. Reviewed by Barry L.
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TEIIDDES-816 Default JDBC SSL value changed back to FALSE.
TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Problem was that the preview jobs were starting before the auto-build and were locking the model objects. The scheduling of the preview jobs are now being delayed to give the auto-build a chance to get started. Also, preview is not allowed if any preview job is running. The user is presented a dialog saying they must wait for the jobs to finish and offers to open the Progress View for them so they can monitor the running jobs.
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TEIIDDES-816 Refactor Common Code Between TeiidAdminInfo And TeiidJdbcInfo Into A Superclass. Create the TeiidConnectionInfo base class and moved "host" property to "Server." Updated tests.
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TEIIDDES-808 Provide the ability to name the Teiid instance for better reference in error messaging. The Teiid server can now be identified by either its URL or some user-provide custom text. This change will most notably since in the Server properties dialog and also in the Teiid View where the custom text is displayed if available. Whenever a server URL was used in an error message, I've changed that to use the Server.toString() which now also prints the custom text if available.
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JBDS-1514 JBDS does not completely clean up Teiid PREVIEW VDBs and DataSources. Removed the timer that would stop the cleanup jobs when a certain amount of time had elapsed. Now the only way for the cleanup jobs not to finish is if the user cancels the dialog that is shown when the cleanup jobs are running. Each cleanup job is doing 2 things: deleting the preview VDB off the server, and (2) deleting the preview data source from the server. Since the cleanup jobs are run asynchronously chances are all cleanup jobs will already be deleting the VDB. So canceling will only stop the job from trying to delete the data source.
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TEIIDDES-779 Added ability to set connection profile with Flat File CP.
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TEIIDDES-763 When project has an unrelated error, cannot preview source model (which has no errors). Changed PreviewManager to catch exceptions when PVDBs are deployed. If the PVDB that couldn't be deployed is not a dependency of the model being previewed or the project PVDB, the preview continues.
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TEIIDDES-755 Tweaked Server wizard check box reflect edit vs new server. Also implemented auto-connect/reconnect for "Edit" version. Add error checking for JBDC port number.
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