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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on night tests. Added 3 new test plugins that only contain framework/support classes (no tests). Deleted 3 projects: org.teiid.designer.metamodels.dependency.test, org.teiid.designer.metamodels.webservice.test, and org.teiid.designer.modelgenerator.test. Commented out 6 projects so that their tests will not run. Most of these are not running because of Tycho problems with using the PowerMockRunner.
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Upgrading 7.1 to 7.2.0.qualifier
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TEIIDDES-471 Restore nightly test changes overridden during 7.1-trunk merge.
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Merging 7.1 branch changes into trunk
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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on night tests: Moving mockito and powermock dependencies from test framgment to associated host plugin as an optional dependency. Will do a test build to see if this gets rid of the build errors associated with PowerMock and Mockito.
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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on nightly tests. Turned all test projects into plugin fragments so OSGi testing (JUnit Plugin Tests). Modified POMs and created a test feature.
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TEIIDDES-556 Update to 7.1.0 Release version
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Added some tests and testing framework classes to facilitate testing of VDB-related code
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fix site.xml, add .qualifiers, and add svn:ignore
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move into tests/
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