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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on night tests. Added 3 new test plugins that only contain framework/support classes (no tests). Deleted 3 projects: org.teiid.designer.metamodels.dependency.test, org.teiid.designer.metamodels.webservice.test, and org.teiid.designer.modelgenerator.test. Commented out 6 projects so that their tests will not run. Most of these are not running because of Tycho problems with using the PowerMockRunner.
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TEIIDDES-471 Restore nightly test changes overridden during 7.1-trunk merge.
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Merging 7.1 branch changes into trunk
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TEIIDDES-471 Turn on nightly tests. Turned all test projects into plugin fragments so OSGi testing (JUnit Plugin Tests). Modified POMs and created a test feature.
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Merging 7.1 branch into trunk
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Added support for translators and exposed JNDI name to user. Outside of additional work to pull in the translator info from the model's connection profile info, the VDB class now supports "real" VDBs, but not Preview VDBs.
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TEIIDDES-263 Fix I18n warnings

TEIIDDES-413 Adding dependent model method with EObject

TEIIDDES-263 Fixed htm pages. extraneous " characters

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TEIIDDES-407 Adding ConnectionFinder framework for auto-binding in VDB. Includes extension point in vdb plugin and extension in dqp plugin to do the work of finding a connection name given model name and some connection properties.
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move into tests/
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