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Updated the dependencies.

TEIIDDES-868 utilizing SQLConstants to drive designer syntax highlighting
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TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Fixes a problem where the Preview VDB was being created before EMF had completely loaded the model. When this happened the model would have a model type of "TYPE" instead of "PHYSICAL" or "VIRTUAL.". Now forcing a EMF resource load before calculating the model type. Reviewed by Barry L.
TEIIDDES-816 Default JDBC SSL value changed back to FALSE.

Fixing incorrect invoke/invokeHttp procedures.

TEIIDDES-806 Needed to add an "allowsUpdates" and cmdType == SELECT to validateCommand() method. Don't want to do update validation on a non-updateable Table.
TEIIDDES-866 Fixed TransformationMetadata and corresponding records to return/access applicable PK/UK Id's and info
TEIIDDES-841 Could not reproduce, but could see the potential for recursive call. Changed code to prevent this.
TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Problem was that the preview jobs were starting before the auto-build and were locking the model objects. The scheduling of the preview jobs are now being delayed to give the auto-build a chance to get started. Also, preview is not allowed if any preview job is running. The user is presented a dialog saying they must wait for the jobs to finish and offers to open the Progress View for them so they can monitor the running jobs.
TEIIDDES-862 Missing i118n key for execute VDB action. Fixed case of key.

TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Add keys for the preview not available dialog.

TEIIDDES-865 Removed the Open action from context menu when the object's target Diagram is the current diagram.
TEIIDDES-856 Increased size of default width of dialog to accommodate message length.
TEIIDDES-851 New Teiid Instance Wizard doesn't validate user data and enable/disable "Test" button by default. Test button now only enables when all properties required to make a connection are present and valid.
TEIIDDES-852 Added a check in new VdbEntry constructor to set the default description to empty string if NULL to prevent arg check error. Same as we do in VdbModelEntry constructor.
TEIIDDES-839: Removed SOAPAction code from WSDL Generation
TEIIDDES-816 Refactor Common Code Between TeiidAdminInfo And TeiidJdbcInfo Into A Superclass. Create the TeiidConnectionInfo base class and moved "host" property to "Server." Updated tests.
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JBIDE-8403 bump soap requirements used by JBT tests, Modeshape and JBDS uberbuild to CR1 release. All Teiid Designer and ModeShape Tools jars have been updated to the CR1 jars.
TEIIDDES-859 Disabling cascading CreatePreviewVdbJob's during Project Open eve nts.
TEIIDDES-857 Fixed wrong i18n entry for RefreshDiagram label
TEIIDDES-822 Removed requirement for fully qualified names of procedures.
TEIIDDES-825 Added DND support and Modeling action support for depoying multiple VDB's at once.
TEIIDDES-762 Added new modeling action contribution to "Set Data Type" for a FunctionParameter object.
TEIIDDES-801 Added valid chars '-', '.' as well as underscore
Upgrade to 7.3 Teiid Final binaries
TEIIDDES-817 Added prefix checks for tab and carriage return chars
TEIIDDES-817 Added checks for new-line and tab characters that preceed the model name
JBIDE-8361 remove datatools.sdk feature
JBIDE-8361 Removed datatools.sdk feature
TEIIDDES-806 Various UI and SQL/Query validation changes to support new "Update" procedures changes to Teiid.