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Add external builders to user guide project

* Eclipse's m2e does not seem to like the pom.xml for the user guide

project and rather than modifying it (include mappings), its natures have

been removed in favour of using maven as an external builder

* Adds in publican external launcher as well but disabled as it may be

occasionally useful

* wrapper scripts ensure that if maven and publican are not installed then

the external builders will exit gracefully rather than throwing horrible

eclipse errors.

* Updated Teiid Designer manual version number to be 7.7.1

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

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TEIIDDES-1389 Created a set of actions/dialogs to create new view procedures (similar to view table wizard). Exposing only in Action Sets for the time being.
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TEIIDDES-1389 Create SingleProjectFilter so action dialogs can be limited in scope for selection in the currently focused project stored in the action set properties. This is a passive filter, so if dialogs NOT using properties or if project is NOT set, the extra filter is ignored
TEIIDDES-1389 Initial Action Sets check-in. Includes tweaking create project to a define project action so user can select or create new project.
TEIIDDES-1401: Changed the service name to use the context rather than the VDB name.
TEIIDDES-1141: Changed WAR generation to work with JBossWS-CXF 3.x and 4.x by moving the WSDL and schemas as well as references to the WSDL to WEB-INF/wsdl.
Remove actions / preferences relating to deprecated diagrams

* diagramType.exsd

* Creates a deprecated attribute for old diagram types due to be removed

* DiagramTypeManager

* If diagram type is depecated then do not include it in background

colour object collection, which is displayed in the preferences

* plugin.xml

* Make the Relationship diagram as deprecated

TEIIDDES-1391 - Remove the Relationship Diagram color chooser widget

from preferences

TEIIDDES-1384: Corrected to set password for generated WARs using security. Also added a mask to the password field.
Add section to user guide concerning wsdl importer depth warning

* Details warning message displayed, when using the SOAP->source importer

and the WSDL schema has circular references

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

Fix stack overflow exception when handing circular schema references

* ImportWsdlSchemaHandler

* Current implementation has a depth setting of 1000, which is too high

for some systems.

* Reduces depth threshold to 750

* Make a JVM system property for increasing this threshold should it be


* Should the threshold be set too high, catch the stackoverflow exception,

issue a warning and exit

* General housekeeping of making fields private and create a getter for

those to be accessed externally.

TEIIDDES-1396 - Circular references in WSDL schemas can still result in

stack overflow errors

Improve performance and progress monitoring of WSDL Soap -> source importer

* ColumnsInfoPanel

* The add button's selection listener can take a while to add the column

and set the root path. This places this code inside a UiBusyIndicator

to at least show the user, the wizard is busy.

* The add button's selection listener uses the initializing flag to

prevent the rootPathText field's modify listener from refreshing the

wizard page. It is time-consuming and unnecessary since

detailsPage.createResponseColumn() refreshes anyway.

* WsdlOperationsPanel

* Since reading a WSDL can be time-consuming uses the UiBusyIndicator to

show the user the wizard is busy.

TEIIDDES-1376 - Add Progress Monitor to WSDL to Source Importer for

Longer Tasks

TEIIDDES-1394 converting schema type to valid runtime type during element/column info creation
TEIIDDES-1383 Adding element type children to assist users in defining runtime type when creating columns
TEIIDDES-1331 Host field of Teiid Server Properties dialog should validate only when focus is shifted to another field
JBIDE-11988 added instanceof check to prevent class cast exception

Ensure password is masked in the SOAP import wizard

* CredentialsComposite

* SecurityType should be assigned to None rather than be null

* WSSoapProfileDetailsWizardPage

* Ensure that the security type is assigned None

* Should a password be assigned, ensure that it is masked in the Summary

Wizard page

* WSConnectionInfoProvider

* Ensure that the security type is assigned None

TEIIDDES-1384 - Password Not Set When Generating WAR with WS-Security

Publican generates documentation in tmp directory

* The publican-generated content of the user guide generates it in a tmp

directory. Avoid committing this by ignoring in the same way as the maven

version's target directory is ignored.

TEIIDDES-1381 adding feature.properties, feature.xml and license.html to build
TEIIDDES-1382 fixed missing action descriptions
TEIIDDES-1378 Fixing d-click ClassCastException
TEIIDDES-1377 fixed misc. doc issues. missing png, removed relationship search section.
TEIIDDES-1359 Adding SKIP to TEXTTABLE() for fixed width files if required
Add into documentation reference to authenticated wsdls

* importers.xml

* Add into the teiid documentation, steps concerning credentials for

authenticated wsdls.

* *.png

* Fix screenshot to display authentication fields

Allow maven build of documentation to find jdocbook plugin

* Maven is responsible for building the community documetation and as such

requires the jdocbook plugin. This is not always in people's local

repositories so add an entry to the pom.xml to get it from the public

jboss repositories.

TEIIDDES-1369 Added response columns datatype check and erroring if can't resolve. Fixed formatting problem in wrapper procedure.
TEIIDDES-1369 Changed Request panel element table to a Tree. Attributes now creating appropriate parameters for request procedure and added in XMLATTRIBUTES() function for the specified elements
TEIIDDES-1375: Added support for multiple schemas in request and/or response. Also added ability to add root elements that are simple types.
Reinstates change to UiBusyIndicator to display Cursor WAITING

* Addresses problem with eclipse hanging on startup. Number of alternatives

considered and these are outlined in the associated JIRA.

TEIIDDES-1374 - Adding a WSDL to the WSDL File or URL imported does not

display the UI WAITING Cursor

TEIIDDES-1375: Fix for sequence parent/child relationship and parentXpath logic
TEIIDDES-1369 Adding constant for XMLATTRIBUTES function