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Providing hook ViewDescription.createViewConfiguration() in ee framework to allow extensibility Introducing EJB specific ViewConfiguration & ViewDescription Implemented MethodIntf association with EJB Views Getting rid of viewClassName -> MethodIntf mappsing

Migrate update operation handlers to NewStepHandler.

Fix equals / hashCode for EJB views, and also implemented SessionContext.getBusinessObject

Fix CDI/EJB integration

WIP interceptor ordering

AS7-835: refactored EjbAnnotationProcessor into EJBComponentDescriptionFactory

Minor refactoring

Change the way @Ejb injection is performed

First attempt at beanName support for CDI @EJB support

Add JSF Managed Bean injection

Add correct SessionObjectReference implementation


Weld TCK fix

Fix weld merker issue

Fix weld EL evaluation

Fix class loader issues

Weld TCK fixes

Add CDI injection to interceptors

Initial half-baked SessionObjectReference implementation

Weld integration work

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Merge the two ContextNames classes

Make it compile

Onward to Beta4

Prepare 7.0.0.Beta3

Fixup standalone and subsystem operation descriptions

Migrate EjbDescriptorImpl to new EE framework

Workaround weld problem

JBAS-9036 update to use APIs from org.jboss.specs project

Throw exception when non-bean attempts to inject an InjectionPoint.

Next is Beta3