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AS7-1663 An extended persistence context should not be propagated if there is no JTA transaction

AS7-1563 Add JPA dependencies to weld

Introduce service based naming context

Next is 7.1.0.Alpha1 (again)

Prepare 7.0.1

Fix some thread safty issues with services

AS7-1486 Fix problem with CDI @Resources handling

Remove binding handle service

AS7-1463 Refactor EjbDescriptor implementation for CDI

WELD-921 related fix for beans without a no-interface view

mark Weld conversation propagation filter as async-supported

AS7-1373 Setting EJB's injection target does not work

Add ability to inject into create service

Inital timer service implementation

AS7-1297 Add support for injecting Pricinal via @Inject

Work around WELD-921

AS7-1269 Fix @EJB injection into CDI beans

AS7-566 support for pluggable JPA providers, restructure jpa into separate modules, moved Hibernate4 integration into its own module, started decoupling references to Hibernate4, we now have separate JPA core/SPI/Hibernate3/Hibernate4 modules, support for one persistence provider and adaptor per app deployment, use the packaged persistence provider and adaptor, module org.jboss.as.jpa.hibernate3 added, added META-INF/services, can deploy hibernate3 with test app, Add reference to not yet created org.hibernate3 module (so applications can share the hibernate3 module), adapter class init fix

Next is 7.1.0.Alpha1

Prepare for 7.0.0.Final (ly) !!!!

Prepare for tag


AS7-194 CDI interceptors applied to EJB's break correct exception behaviour

Remove uneeded resource loader hack

AS7-1228 Make sure that only one EEClassDescription is created per class, even if it referenced from multiple sub deployments

Set version to 7.1.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT

Update rest of poms

AS7-1194 Fix CDI interceptor order when method level EJB interceptors are used

Onward to CR2 (or Final)

Tag CR1!!!!!