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Next is 7.1.0.CR1

Prepare 7.1.0.Beta1

AS7-2713 Setup correct dependencies for the namespace context selector, so web deployments will not start until it is ready

Fix remove method handling

[AS7-809] Fix dependency scope and remove unneeded jboss-logging-tools-generator dependency.

Add the start of support for TX propagation over IIOP: - Add ability to enable JTS - Class loading fixes - Add IIOP tests

[AS7-809] Setup subsystems for the i18n logging framework.

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AS7-2186 Improve error message

Detect beans.xml files in WEB-INF/classes/META-INF, and log a warning

Fix build warning by removing duplicate dependency declaration

Fix bug in WeldTransactionServices

AS7-2119 Detect and remove the Weld Servlet listener from the web configuration if present

Remove ComponentViewInstance

More changes, now deploys some apps

Change to module scoped class descriptions

Add SessionContext.getEjbLocalObject() support

AS7-2001 Throw exception when injection point cannot be resolved

Add support for SFSB proxy serialization

Upgrade to ejb client beta2

Change EJB session ID's to be byte[]

Next is alpha2

7.1.0.Alpha1 (Ahoy!)

Fix SecurityActions issues

AS7-1771 Activate CDI request scope on calls to MDB's and timer service calls

AS7-1766 Make sure correct TCCL is set when creating CDI interceptors

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Add Hibernate JPA statistics

Add subsystem tests for all subsystems apart from threads and remoting.

Fix descriptions where possible, or disable validation in tests for now (JIRAs have been opened to fix properly)

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AS7-1671 Do not define CDI proxies in static modules

AS7-1672 Make ModuleGroupSingletonProvider work with custom class loaders that delegate to a module CL

JBEE-87, AS7-403 Update JSF to 2.1 with JAXP fix. Also update to version of JSF 1.2 that has this fix.