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Onward to Beta4

Prepare 7.0.0.Beta3

Fixup standalone and subsystem operation descriptions

Migrate EjbDescriptorImpl to new EE framework

Workaround weld problem

JBAS-9036 update to use APIs from org.jboss.specs project

Throw exception when non-bean attempts to inject an InjectionPoint.

Next is Beta3

[JBAS-9223] Framework for new view description classes, binding, injection, and interceptors

Fix weld resource loader so that NoClassDefFoundErrors are wrapped

Prepare for 7.0.0.Beta2 relase

Set up depedencies so web deployments do not start util JPA and weld are up

fix CDI injection problem

Fix beans.xml parsing that was broken by the change to woodstock

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Inital env-entry and ejb-ref support

Update weld to reflect the new class loading visibility rules

Add initial JAX-RS component integration

Change SessionObjectReferenceImpl to get the sessionId eagerly

Fix weld ARQ bug

Next version will be 7.0.0.Beta2

Prep 7.0.0.Beta1

Bug fix with component views

Inital weld JPA integration

Change to a singleton provider that is aware of the deployment class loader structure

Add basic support for multiple views for SFSB's

inital weld-EJB integration hack

Add basic EJBInjectionServices

resolve module name conflicts

Initial weld ejb integration

Add validation services to weld