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Remove JndiInjectable, replace with ManagedReferenceFactory

Add Stan's JSF getting started example as a smoke test

Clean up CDI based injection

Bind the BM for every component

Add java:comp/UserTransaction java:comp/TransactionSynchronizationRegistry

Add web components and CDI injection

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    • +134
JSF and Weld fixes

Initial JSF integration with weld

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    • +19
Rework EE Component model for extensibility into EJBs and beyond

Generate better id's for weld bean deployment archives

Fix Weld memory leaks - When the deployments fail - Context.disasociate() was not being called after arquillian tests

Execute runtime tasks in a callback after the model operation are complete

Weld changes to better support ear deployments

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    • +54
Allow the RuntimeOperationContext to be available from the basic OperationContext

Operation handler refactoring. Primarily moving the runtime aspects into runtime tasks

Move classes into the ee module from the server module

Add ModuleSpecification and change war classloading to be child first

Make the weld singleton an on demand service

Consolidate deployment type and resource root type markers

Change deployments class loading and add integration test - Change from DeploymentModuleLoader to ServiceModuleLoader - Change class-path support to use additional modules - Add integration tests for class loading - Remove the modulise phase entierly and replace with a service based approach - Change extension index to deploy extensions as modules

Convert subsystems to detyped extensions; remove typed extensions

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    • +100
Push arquillian setup actions out to the relevant sub systems

sync weld subsystem add with upstream

Add multi module support to weld deployments

Describe weld and arquillian subsystems

Make parsing work with woodstox

Fix bean visibility issues with bean manager bound to JNDI

Set up the TCCL singleton

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Throw correct exception if resource loading fails

NPE fix