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RmiRequestScopeTest: remove redundant resources




WELD-901: change config for Zanata 1.3 upgrade on translate.jboss.org

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Fix deploy ordering

Tests for CDI-115 and JBAS-9266

[WELD-882]; check all methods, to Object.class

2 level deep methods don't get intercepted


Ignore bridge methods when computing interceptors

Weird interceptor behavior; dups vs. no call

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.1.1.Final

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Fix git scm, remove svn scm usage

Fix version.

Merge with upstream/master for 1.1.1 release

[WELD-856]; fix AIX proxy name

WELD-873 fix bridge methods in proxies

Better test class; GAE 1.4.2 picks up previous, but fails on this one.

Use consts.

WELD-875 prevent the loss of query paramters when redirecting

Ignore comments.

[WELD-874]; always return client proxy.

WELD-874 test only

[WELD-870]; add observer validation.

[WELD-729]; add Jetty7 (pre 7.2) support; TODO on tests

More Jetty7 tests; TODO on Jetty Plus Configuration for Arq

Initial Jetty7+ tests

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Fix import