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Make it possible for an interceptor class to be parameterized with a bound type variable

Fix strange checkstyle unused import error

WELD-1433 Introduce non-portable mode

Update exclude list

Servlet container support - minor updates - don't export test archives by default - upgrade the default Jetty version to 8.1.11.v20130520 - JettyContainer cleanup

WELD-1020 NPE during cleanup after Servlet API3 AsyncContext

WELD-1415 Cross-context forward/include call from another web app breaks HttpRequestContext cleanup (cherry picked from commit a4b40c0)

WELD-1415 Cross-context forward/include call from another web app breaks HttpRequestContext cleanup

WELD-1422 InterceptorBindings.getLifecycleInterceptors() cannot be used to obtain AroundConstruct interceptors

WELD-1412 Introduce proper SPI for constructor interception of EE components

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WebServiceResourceTest fix

WELD-1435 Weld servlet shaded jar should not contain EL API

Set max line length to 160

WELD-948 Remove JBoss Maven repo from bom module

WELD-948 The only modules which require JBoss Maven repo are doc/reference and doc/xslt - these are not part of the standard build

WELD-948 Remove org.atinject:inject-tck with javax.inject:javax.inject-tck from Maven central repo

Examples: introduce profile for wildfly testing

WELD-1364 Fix EE component resource setter injection

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Validate all AnnotatedTypes provided by an extension

Make ClientConversationContextTest more robust

Next is 2.0.2.Final

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.1.Final

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WELD-948 Servlet env tests require full JSF implementation (API stubs not working)

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WELD-948 More JSF dependencies fixes

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remove jetty6 support, migrate needed jetty6 bits to GWTHostedMode, update jetty support for jetty 7.2+, 8 and 9

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EnterpriseBeanTest - ignore the problematic test for now - there is no portable way to force SFSB passivation ATM

TCK runner - fix broken JSF dependency

WELD-948 Prepare to cut off JBoss Maven repo