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Changed a couple ArrayListMultimaps back to SetMultimaps where sets should still be used

use weld-parent:10, reorg docbook files

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update to weld-parent:10

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/weld/servlet/trunk@6356 1c488680-804c-0410-94cd-c6b725194a0e

update to weld-parent:10

remove out of date patch

update to weld-parent:10

WELD-506 Added proxying of private methods

make the suite run again

use weld-parent:10


reorg tests



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Give exceptions their correct name

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WELD-506 Modified a test to verify that bug is fixed

upgrade to CDI TCK 1.0.2.CR1


Redesigned proxies to use only interfaces where possible and fixed serialization issues

Stop exposing the Scanner API at all, javadoc, add helper classes for creating BDAs and Deployments, cleanup now that we don't expose the scanner api


expose Scanner directly for OSGi support


WELDSE-25: changed customiseDeployment(...) to createDeployment(...) WELDSE-25, WELDSE-26: Weld now exposes a discoverBeansAndResources(Deployment) method which can be overridden in order to pass a customised set of discovered bean classes and resources to the Weld bootstrap. The old file-based Scanner code is used by default.

Fixed serialization problem with proxies

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put conversation stuff in the same place