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improve comment on optional dep changes

improve the way weld-se handles optional dependencies

catch ResourceLoadingException so weld-se can start up if scanning causes a NCDFE

ARQ-185 Reverted to Weld 1.0.1-SP4, Removed Conversation Scope support until Weld 1.1 is released

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ARQ-161 ARQ-97 Changed to use ShrinkWrap ClassLoader extension in Weld SE and Weld EE containers

ARQ-206 Updated to support ShrinkWrap Alpha-11 changes

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ARQ-206 Updated to ShrinkWrap Alpha-10. - *Asset changed package to api.asset.X - ShrinkWrap.create swapped argument order

ARQ-185 Fixed Conversation restore issue between calls.

ARQ-200 Updated arquillian.xml to us enew namespace scheme

ARQ-200 Renamed Weld EE 1.1 Embedded Container folder

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Stop exposing the Scanner API at all, javadoc, add helper classes for creating BDAs and Deployments, cleanup now that we don't expose the scanner api


expose Scanner directly for OSGi support

WELDSE-25: changed customiseDeployment(...) to createDeployment(...) WELDSE-25, WELDSE-26: Weld now exposes a discoverBeansAndResources(Deployment) method which can be overridden in order to pass a customised set of discovered bean classes and resources to the Weld bootstrap. The old file-based Scanner code is used by default.

remove undeeded scanDirectories

WELDSE-26: Previous commit for this issue broke simple jar support. This commit fixes.

WELDSE-26: Renamed ClassHandler to URLHandler (part 3)

WELDSE-26: Renamed ClassHandler to URLHandler (part 2)

WELDSE-26: Renamed ClassHandler to URLHandler

WELDSE-26: Some way towards plugability of URLScanner to handle arbitrary URLs in various environments. Existing file-system based scanning code has been extracted into a built-in plugin (FileSystemClassHandler) which is automatically registered to handle file:// and jar:// URLs. Custom implementations of ClassHandler can be created and registered programatically by subclassinf Weld and overriding customiseClassHandlers(...).

WELDSE-25: Remove final usage of Reflections and replace with ResourceLoader

WeldManagerUtils is still useful within Weld.class, but I have removed it from all of the tests, replaced by Weld.instance()

WELDSE-25: Added basic support for customising the deployment by subclassing the Weld class. Also updated URLScanner to use the configured or default ResourceLoader, rather than using Reflections.

Deprecated WeldManagerUtils. It's replaced by Weld.instance()

WELDSE-10: Applied patch from Koichi Kobayashi to support beans.xml files from multiple archives.


WELD-19: Re-enabing ThreadLocal and Delegate tests now that WELD-291 is fixed.

actually call the container initialized event