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improve comment on optional dep changes

improve the way weld-se handles optional dependencies

catch ResourceLoadingException so weld-se can start up if scanning causes a NCDFE

ARQ-185 Reverted to Weld 1.0.1-SP4, Removed Conversation Scope support until Weld 1.1 is released

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ARQ-161 ARQ-97 Changed to use ShrinkWrap ClassLoader extension in Weld SE and Weld EE containers

ARQ-206 Updated to ShrinkWrap Alpha-10. - *Asset changed package to api.asset.X - ShrinkWrap.create swapped argument order

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ARQ-185 Fixed Conversation restore issue between calls.

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ARQ-200 Renamed Weld EE 1.1 Embedded Container folder

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Stop exposing the Scanner API at all, javadoc, add helper classes for creating BDAs and Deployments, cleanup now that we don't expose the scanner api

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expose Scanner directly for OSGi support

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WELDSE-25: changed customiseDeployment(...) to createDeployment(...) WELDSE-25, WELDSE-26: Weld now exposes a discoverBeansAndResources(Deployment) method which can be overridden in order to pass a customised set of discovered bean classes and resources to the Weld bootstrap. The old file-based Scanner code is used by default.

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remove undeeded scanDirectories

WELDSE-26: Previous commit for this issue broke simple jar support. This commit fixes.

WELDSE-26: Renamed ClassHandler to URLHandler (part 3)

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WELDSE-26: Renamed ClassHandler to URLHandler (part 2)

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WELDSE-26: Renamed ClassHandler to URLHandler

WELDSE-26: Some way towards plugability of URLScanner to handle arbitrary URLs in various environments. Existing file-system based scanning code has been extracted into a built-in plugin (FileSystemClassHandler) which is automatically registered to handle file:// and jar:// URLs. Custom implementations of ClassHandler can be created and registered programatically by subclassinf Weld and overriding customiseClassHandlers(...).

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WELDSE-25: Remove final usage of Reflections and replace with ResourceLoader

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WeldManagerUtils is still useful within Weld.class, but I have removed it from all of the tests, replaced by Weld.instance()

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WELDSE-25: Added basic support for customising the deployment by subclassing the Weld class. Also updated URLScanner to use the configured or default ResourceLoader, rather than using Reflections.

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Deprecated WeldManagerUtils. It's replaced by Weld.instance()

WELDSE-10: Applied patch from Koichi Kobayashi to support beans.xml files from multiple archives.

WELD-19: Re-enabing ThreadLocal and Delegate tests now that WELD-291 is fixed.

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WELDX-19: Disabled ThreadContext, RunnableDecorator and all associated tests until WELD-291 is fixed.

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WELDX-19: Cleanup threadcontext after thread is run

WELDX-19: Implemented ThreadContext and @ThreadScoped

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WELDX-57: Removed proprietary shutdown event, replaced with standard BeforeShutdown. Also added shutdown() to Weld, and set Weld.class up as a managed bean for use when observing the ContainerInitialized event.