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update pot and po files removing space before short close tag.

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WELD-17: Marked non-fuzzy translations. Require revision!

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update pot and po files keeping "mdash" html entity in number style.

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update pot and po files removing html entities in number style.

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fix bug in ImmutableArraySet.containsAll where it would return true if a single element was contained in the set

Fix the TypeSafeResolver so that the equals implementation for Key works correctly. Any Resolvable implementation must now implement their own equals and hashCode.

Tests for WELD-568

WELD-566 Changed SPI for ProxyServices to remove the wrap method

WELD-566 Changed SPI for ProxyServices to remove the wrap method

use newer parent

Replaced URL to JBoss Nexus Snapshots repository on sonatype


Enable snapshots


ARQ-185 Reverted to Weld 1.0.1-SP4, Removed Conversation Scope support until Weld 1.1 is released

ARQ-161 ARQ-97 Changed to use ShrinkWrap ClassLoader extension in Weld SE and Weld EE containers

ARQ-206 Updated to support ShrinkWrap Alpha-11 changes

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Italian translation

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add main compile phase

use dan's annotation processor config



use test harness snapshot until M4 is released



add snapshots repo

fix tests

update version number to 1.1


update to use parent

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/weld/servlet/trunk@6647 1c488680-804c-0410-94cd-c6b725194a0e