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Remove unsupported JBoss AS 5/6 installation script

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Upgrade weld-parent to 23 (fixes WELD-1366)

WELD-1343 Make sure event is not delivered if the observer's scope is not active

WELD-1337 Update BeanManager method restrictions

WELD-1363 @AroundConstruct interception not working for session beans

Update exclusion list

WELD-1363 @AroundConstruct interception not working for session beans

WELD-1243, WELD-1362 Efficient resolving of @WithAnnotations PAT observer methods

Use SNAPSHOTs again

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.Beta6

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Weld API and CDI TCK upgrades

WELD-1363 Tests for @AroundConstruct on session beans

Adapt to changes in the InjectionServices SPI

WELD-1360 Remove BeanValidation built-in beans

TCK porting package API cleanup - org.jboss.cdi.tck.spi.Managers removed

WELD-1332 Make raw bean type assignable into parameterized required type

WELD-1358 Add support for constructor-level interceptor bindings

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TCK exclusion add - WELD-1339

TCK exclusion add - WELD-1342, remove - CDI-180

Make sure bean archives with bean-discovery-mode set to none are not processed by Weld

WELD-1359 @Priority not recognized on types added through BeforeBeanDiscovery.addAnnotatedType()

Update tests not to rely on no-beans.xml archives not being scanned

Fix the way PAT is fired for additional types

WELD-1342 Implement global CDI enablement

WELD-1351 Align exclusion filters with the spec ones

Get rid of build-config, use common checkstyle config.

Run integration tests against 7.2.0.Final

WELD-1355 Interceptor and decorators are applied globally (not only within accessible closure)

TCK exclusion add - WELD-1351