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WELD-476 First phase complete; application now deploys on GF with default memory

synch up exported packages with 1.0.1 SP2

Added missing message content.

Deprecated WeldManagerUtils. It's replaced by Weld.instance()

WELD-476 First phase; we get past reflection and start deploying many beans, but still too much memory is used

Changed the way class loaders are retrieved...experimental and needs testing in JBoss AS

Added separate class loaders for cluster test to use with proxies and fixed discovered problems with proxy deserialization

Reset state of proxy after serialization is complete

Added serialization of proxies

use centralized reflection

Updated POTs and regenerated all POs

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WELD-504 Exception messages for lifecycle events now includes full stacktraces

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Another piece for the new ProxyServices...adds a default service if none provided.

ProxyFactory now uses new ProxyServices to get the classloader and protection domains.

Changed version of weld-spi used to snapshot till next release

Changed constructor generation to use constructors from base class for all types of proxies.

WELDSE-10: Applied patch from Koichi Kobayashi to support beans.xml files from multiple archives.

WELDSE-1: the addClasspath element probably doesn't make sense in a shaded jar.

WELDSE-1: Added main class to manifest to make the jar executable

unbreak test. why can't I use specialize on the TCM?

Fixed test implementation to work better generically with proxies.

Fixed problem with enterprise bean proxies; constructors and remove methods.

versions updated to 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT

Fixed problem with wrong classloader usage for javax packages

Put the resource paths back to the original separator

clean up ctor

Fixed class file paths to work on all platforms


warn instead of abort for problems loading services