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Decoupled DUP and EJBComponentDescriptionFactory

was: 30c4eced15115eeee9e526a3a0e5fe9e60f14b3e

Start work on ListEditor

was: b31f4e81ee7aa4bdba93eac76d445eaf97c58a2b

AS7-3473 Fixed capitalization mismatch in jacorb subsystem description.

was: ba80aedb2787d0de61d5e568f0f1ddab50b42a5c

AS7-1437 Fix name usage in AppclientXml

was: 02d3f5544a48da1e0a24b741a2b12e870f6e9e62

AS7-3236 Add i18n messages to threads subsystem Misc small fixes and cleanups of threads subsystem

was: 0f218fb842553cc4542cae66866f8bb717785aaf

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Improve testability of HostControllerExecutionSupport creation

was: 61993bed98caab2f73bc855bcf4163b99e36c02e

AS7-3296 - fix inconsistent handling of properties

Code was changed so that now whole subsystem uses submodel for properties

Accoring to same principal xml configuration has been unified not sure if

this breaks old configuration but as this only shows up in version 1.1

that is only present in AS7.1 it should not be a problem

There is also fix for AS7-2717 which enables some tests again

- properties can be passed with or without classname

was: fc4728c24e5940f9361e9b2bac2ce6361604dec2

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[AS7=3448] Fix NPE in slave when taking a snapshot

was: 0ae3f4eda23c35814645cdcd40ae2404df58d13f

Logging tweaks

was: 4241ff9266d00f6dc49ed63a008e8a24addef4fc

move so that it is alpabetically placed

was: b18b3d1b9ce4531f4ef5bed1f35743131c009d46

AS7-3425:added the help stuff

was: d42c914a5f91d062bf0b2b9d37ee8972c3dd9ed3

[AS7-1383] Follow on from the current thread association to allow for a SecurityManager to restrict access to update the association.

Also added SecurityAction classes for each location access to the association is needed either to read or to modify.

was: 2fd9700315d1386781fcadfb20a559354814bb62

Get rid of warn message, javadoc

was: 31bc56e45e304c69ca8d97df8bfc9b40bc564a27

AS7-3475 Use defaultHostName in boot op address if xml has no name defined

was: bff63560e929b3febe68224a1ce6b4410e4f9568

Remove extra stacktrace logging for debugging

was: 8884f93e6eb6a257917154a1de4f8c1988acb0ec

AS7-3475 Support setting some ServerEnvironment values via standalone.xml <system-properties>

was: 78c30a0d44bc22df7bbb416a3b8e2110de2dffff

Driver deployments should by default include a JTA dependency.

was: d7697cabaabcec79103f7e8e598221333aef9c65

[AS7-851] Added a global whoami operation with some minor modiciations to make the required info available.

was: 41acc3a33b8388afb80ad2cd2f8f2d7854ebf15d

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create the server-environment on the server and add additional paths for the domain mode

was: 6d7530313f5d4f96b12a2450c088ccf7f46fc3e8

allow better handling of multiple request handler per channel.

was: 70a967fff27242a4a8412aca21156ceca58a8e30

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detailed descriptions and included problem description into the response in case the resource couldn't be found

was: 2ce9d11c7a0b7f7cb33c5da054b371254abd4143

AS7-2310 still some references to jboss-admin.sh/bat

was: 3fadf83df7b457dd5d8569e8fa6f57d64a6f63b5

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AS7-2273 Add process name to command line so it is viewable from jps and ps

was: fa2f3aedd57e1f9bffa6072b48355504c6154f47

AS7-3475 Integrate root resource 'name' attribute with Server/HostControllerEnvironment AS7-2409 Allow generation of a UUID for server/host controller name (based on work by Oleg Kulikov) First steps on integration system properties from management API with Server/HostControllerEnvironment

was: f07dd019f4bb7af930878f841ff950906b127688

Force people to use OperationContext.removeService() from operation handlers

was: 9624bfd9fc9d73b0d39485024bd43da7c805119a

AS7-3223 Protect against ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsEx

this is essentialy workaround for JDK on MacOSX

was: 91efd053be0fd7cf994f2d0e3f020120a7ed860f

AS7-3174 Add support for slave hosts ignoring ops targetting certain domain level addresses

was: 6c2eff7d45291dd643b4c76c6f4a32b88b062184

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[AS7-3271] Make all STORAGE attributes read-only for a domain mode server

was: f38160643ab8ccb74a42bcbeaab01e1fcf43b3b8

Convert exception to i18n message

was: 4d445428039339a12af0c2c7d66af0e016ebb816

[AS7-2919] minor cleanup

was: f3c80d741a415e1e1e4706b902a007787a3becce