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AS7-6223 Temporary system prop based client bind address configuration

was: b8a9198566e13901ccf5f5f43a7a6fe0c9f4a658

CLI AS7-1833 connection management for shutdown and reload operations and commands

was: 5d6067819dc552786c663bbb9be2f311a8b17d5d

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AS7-6154 Only use AttributeDefinition for the console handler target validation

was: 0b338e791d47d2b7042345ed3e4cc3b5c56dec04

Refactored Keystore & KeyManager complex attributes

added better validation for complex attributes

was: 840b8f4bf70eb3b175e9b30f3ff350442763719f

AS7-6201 Get rid of some more WriteAttributeHandlers usage

was: c0aadf834a0d17ef1dd065bd2ff5681b1c9fc80c

AS7-6214 Use ServerGroupProfileWriteAttributeHandler

was: 7bc2aa8e8456c46956ef1dfe6165dfe156ad30d8

Update CLI to the updated wildcard support

was: 06ccc97aa6862387f1534881ce0f50f3d0478b9d

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AS7-5966 Add support for creating CDI beans from modules outside the deployment

was: d252522bc58a3d30e01828ddf55eb92cb81c99eb

Exclude EXPRESSION nodes from all range validation in subsystem test, not just 'min'

was: 1483601f2e787203a39fddc51067890ff9bd6430

[JBPAPP6-1736] The precedence should be deployment configuration -> profile configuration -> default configuration.

was: 1bf791dc47ea70ffd3fdc414f4d2c75059a67053

added backward compatibility

was: 5d9a8b3fe7dd5e8d777e60c6a90502c13917eeba

Make 'special' setup of system property transformers test a bit saner

was: 252efd4db47e4b7d07d723f7fd32b796f16fe5e1

AS7-6206 Deprecate AbstractWriteAttributeHandler constructor variants not based on AttributeDefinition

was: 6db3448b76c526348babf97f50a644e77d9a2834

AS7-6191 Only log deprecation in validateAndSet, otherwise we spam the logs

was: 83151b5825a49bba469ed225b53421e211366aff

AS7-6201 Deprecate WriteAttributeHandlers Eliminate existing use outside of test case mocks

was: 1f87bacbb488277e551dcc2fbe2e132106cdc7f7

[AS7-5559] Redirect per-deployment and logging profile log context's standard in/out streams to STDIO.

was: ebb13ca169871708c9e9913d2ba2ff455b7acffe

Add legacy execute operation to subsystem-test kernel services and start testing system property transformers better

was: 3cf855cc7888a34f29a18a746b0f30dff7c08bdc

Clean up jvm test

was: 5da44e020b1d1e9de1b74b116a902bb2bf173283

complete sync. with MSC 1.1.x branch

was: 44d6986ea9b9013c2a510032508e6cceeaf30846

AS7-6190 ExtensionAdd now initializes parsers for more than one Extension per module

was: 34c02dd18fbca0e50bd167042ceddaa1bf106e44

AS7-6189 Incorrect use of equals in SubDeploymentDependencyProcessor.deploy(DeploymentPhaseContext)

* Modified loop to use ModuleDependency.getIdentifier() for performing

the equals comparison

was: c49d69dd8ea21547cd56ee64ab519a53d0d85af5

AS7-6154 Add smoke test of expression support

was: 9d2621ac1a4caa47c785ca14459285fc8593a538

[AS7-4974] Add persisted enable flag for handlers. Deprecate old enable/disable operations in favor of a new attribute.

was: 1c934063f1689024a56b2422d7879e172241a7f4

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[AS7-6180] allow expressions in remoting subsystem

* allow expressions for connector & generic/remote/local

outbound-connection property resources (only the value)

* allow expressions for remote-outbound-connection's user-name attribute

* allow expressions for sasl resource's server-auth & reuse-session


* allow expressions for sasl policy resource's attributes

* add tests for resource transformation for legacy version

was: 753ad377b61961cc7f163029d7659aac308d8f18

[AS7-6180] allow expressions in remoting subsystem

* bump remoting management API from 1.1.0 up to 1.2.0

* allow expressions for worker-thread-pool attributes

* add tests for resource transformation for legacy version

was: a67d223d3155cf0421b15133f0c79f4c34f7f9fd

AS7-5976 Prevent HC abort killing the PC when servers are running Allow greater flexibility in waits between respawn attempts

was: f59f657216effca82300cd5950a987e0aa6b840c

AS7-6171 Barf on unknown elements directly under the main element

was: 592cb0086183efccab6b1fe74ddd709d5cfc04b3

[AS7-6170] Remove ResultHandler completion from non-server process types.

was: 9b969eb42031b9a6854dc4c0aabef3c448fcfe82

AS7-6104 Check for null service controller in OperationContext.removeService()

was: 2c7b05730645063c679b706d44d506307674f00f

Add configuration code to actually disable loggers. Fix tests to clean up log contexts and use the environments file separator.

was: 120584dc1484d132f6088fe1908791d90cef5a1b