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AS7-423: fix remoting subsystem parsing

was: 67c956c251cb97907d527e3e83de40bfe7b95584

Next is 7.1.0.Alpha1 (again)

was: db1f5058174e5cca9c526f542394e143ffbd21dc

Prepare 7.0.1

was: d1f08c2a3957b52e7dd72d14f5582a0f074e191c

Fix some thread safty issues with services

was: 92e8f9dd98ea99ddefd6cac084952cd001ea68b3

[AS7-1341] Verify that the address used to connect to the JBoss Web connector is on a NIC that can also access the HttpManagementService. [AS7-1038] Take into account availability of ports on HttpManagementService to decide redirect to HTTP or HTTPS.

was: ffb326a73ff08bbc26d02f47bda0b1457506e91b

[AS7-1444] Allow OSGi context injection to trigger subsystem startup

was: dda5f1bea9dcd39e4576f5770fff1dc83ae148c8

Fix common name handling

was: 9608f38a160716579b40d473b87d1fd50b38672c

Return inherited DescriptionProviders

was: 03e6b55a714e9a0ba50757a3d27eee3f9e2dc8ab


was: 306dd8a2bea822458718f1a901440bd9ed19e2fa

cleanup and fixes value completion after unifying operation and command line parsing

was: be77a57e73a458084167b4fc92ce3db0ff98a38f

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[AS7-1533] Set properties for custom handlers.

[AS7-1533] Clean up property handling.

[AS7-1533] Add update handler and properly describe the contents of the properties.

was: 4b1e36ba1def91553011e55c0077d557aaf518bc

[AS7-1137] Enable demos to prompt for a username and password if running against a secured management interface.

Both the native and http interfaces are supported.

was: 8996909c1d1361bbf7773aec1e67c36e758d8503

[AS7-1526] Fix incorrect tag custom handler tag name. Formatter tag is no longer required.

was: 0e26d88c12cddfd93633c44f8ea71aae1878602c

[AS7-1394] Log a WARN if either the Native interface or Http interface are enabled without a security domain.

Also log a WARN if the default user admin=admin is defined.

was: d765832a9d6668c04ffe28077db2ce5763f34d45

[AS7-1511] Add append option to file add handlers.

was: 3fdaf83e4535262970a1c87297180e6b0a5e7aaf

unifying parsing of commands and operations: removing redundant classes and methods

was: 012f38de9f4feeabcf05e53a2ff172a96cdfe9bc

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Support both 1.0 and 1.1 namespace for logging subsystem

was: e91a5c30baf26cbb10118ab1359e9e47edb7f469

unifying parsing for commands and operations

was: faa603637b255f12889ce876b56b1f6e724aed20

[AS7-1477] Create default logging format.

was: 6bdbd9bf48f0d0d26f75e93e938b3d73b2739783

[AS7-1438] Update schema version for custom handlers.

was: f9c0a1837d49e37d9186463ff9d98f493f3b572c

[AS7-1483] Threads leaking when DeploymentScannerService stopped as ScheduledExecutor not shutdown.

was: 921dba195b2570ce4d79ffe6f8ddbc7465bd99b2

1) EJB3 subsystem model changes for configuring bean instance pools, default slsb instance pool, default mdb instance pool and default resource adapter name to be used by MDBs 2) MDB integration fixes 3) Merge with latest timerservice changes

was: 2da47cc0b9815176fcdba412699124ab6abedaef

[AS7-1438] Added support for custom loggers.

was: 4715b3c87640f056ccafab5865ef5b6cab99618c

[AS7-1473] Removal of the deployment scanner is not complete and was preventing installation of scanner with name used previously.

was: 25a9160e5c52b417605ef8a6e3d49460c0e58abf

[AS7-1473] Prevent possible double creation of marker files should they be deleted between two calls and save the removal of the .inprogress as late as possible so it can be better used as a marker.

was: 513c07eec899f0b5af916630edf268cecbfbb3d9

[AS7-1473] Do not read the modified time back from the file as there is a possibility that the file could have been deleted between creating it and the read, instead use the value that we chose to set.

was: 1516e8a7840965023b95320a7b8632e02db03ec7

Changes for the new proxies

was: fe77943d23cbdf170d51f76c62c92e0b44da2b2e

AS7-340 Expose platform mbeans as management resources

was: 2aeba65e33c78c3e4957e59743d7697b9ca41c4d

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Remove binding handle service

was: 35cd7c3218f9f3576aff091fd1723971c7b02c44

AS7-1448, allow specification of bootstrap container max threads

was: 43b3c9e8fe3848346237abbedc08c530142ad858