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[AS7-6697]; remove VFS resource loader usage.

was: c5893064bffb39809a668a8fa8b777cac6ecb23e

Update undertow to Alpha2

was: d320fcf94310ce4e016d8a9c7879f7c955c8826f

[WFLY-405] layered object model

was: 97103ff037019f122f5e947738330dc7b65370b3

[AS7-6720] Only redirect requests for the root context, the remaining requests can be rejected with a 404 response code.

was: f3b65bda9d015dd09082780f841d4d5725c46339

AS7-6710 Configuring security realm throws NullPointerException when operational header allow-resource-service-restart is used

was: 1a4d40363c30e0292bf062122cdab36ee6013036

[AS7-6497] Clean up transitive dependencies in build module

was: a65bd86ef5081c0763c065664f60495bdaede80b

AS7-6601 Bump security mgmt API to 1.2.1

was: ad76cd1e9f17605de3d6a6b9c8c311066161f5e5

AS7-6601 Bump messaging mgmt API to 1.2.1

was: 207f75bcffe368ca6f9e6dc1cdbe52bbbc8c2f49

AS7-6601 Bump infinispan mgmt API to 1.4.1

was: 8463daf026877e898bdb62fc77586e02b9d73036

[AS7-6664] Set the enabled attribute in the legacy enable/disable operations.

Added tests for each writable attribute. Fixed issues found by the tests.

was: 6e509f5e42c687a74d94eeeb05d7e38104c986e4

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Add the appropriate VirtualFilePermission per resource root

was: c5c76fb30e67bfaa454f5cf872a478c60c70aa55

AS7-6651 Fix marshalling of domain controller discovery options

was: f82b52ac888fb9f1e95de7bc7f00d560fcc89649

make building instructions prefer prepared build script

was: 61b9181c0da211d0e6e4af363d2180dd53a144ec

Privileged actions in VFSResourceLoader

was: ae4da98152af5d4fa193c64347a302b86e37e780

[AS7-947] fix rebase issues

was: 2d5e9b66933ff02fab653ff5f7d7f315630acfce

[AS7-462] get rid of boot module

was: 02270714b65420e7bc634e57a58eb09526ce4e6a

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Comment the non-i18n throws to point out that they will not get hit by users

was: ea95aaf472a5ab2ff0d020927fe2f95fa9331899

[AS7-6579] Default permissions for EE deployments

was: be36bbbacb3569fafbdcf757fb3b856ed9273fd4

[AS7-462] minor cleanup

was: dbf43694601b2d63be7a80dabd4f8d778868e9ea

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[AS7-6579] Use deployment configured permissions, if any; ensure a minimal base permission set

was: 5eb511eb1540110c1ae4dd96f26715b49612241c

Take into account that lightning does not check out to jboss-as, specify children of checkout folder instead

was: f84a5bb5d673fdd1d78867cb9b05d9b8c5012103

[AS7-947] fix validate-address operation

was: e9e4898f19970c48e8bce6c620e11d3b2c39a547

Enable not setting the cached classloader system properties so tests can be run from the IDE, system property to enforce the properties to be set which can be used on lightning

was: 747b568fb842cbc83306358372d191db6996e0db

Set up all the transformers tests to use the cached classloader from the checkouts target/model-test-classpath-cache folder

was: ab48d70583e18d2636ae3719e7c5fd351d216cde

fixed a possible deadlock when closing the controller client

was: c519a2039f22aaaf1b606e1e6d957f129ad7f177

Make core-model-test and subsystem-test cache the classloaders under target/model-test-classpath-cache in the root checkout folder

was: 176a9237b8c7f4cb0a7f355b4a37829967dbdef9

AS7-6038, Remove unused DeploymentScanner's bootTimeScan method

was: 7de83f7a266dd39a000c586bb9d7627e174ca22c

[AS7-6070] add management operations

was: c34d17bfd5f2174187a3dbd1313f9c10b8a49807

[AS7-6070] update the process controller protocol to support the destroy command

was: 909140ce4977a9fa5c11e169e4ecde5d03cad5d3

Minor fixes

was: d1e660e1f73934fa8ca63a4c297deb499312009f