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AS7-2577: expose the underlying exception

was: 2b541fb4e39302d2eaf32a1a7dbf462eff474e74

Fix application name semantics (which is different than the Java EE application name) for EJB jndi usage

was: bc85f81ef594d119decd78825231ff66e646f87c

Update class loading code to work with modules 1.1

was: 32e757da179bbb837b9581886694e8ef27091ea6

AS7-308 - option for physical code source URL

was: a0ad4d11ce6e10b88db42411bc1d21e48e81c942

AS7-2561 Order the subsystem resources after adding them in parallel

was: dd8fed04c3cd1032146a3ff9d4fb301e15b0e4d5

AS7-2445 fix the description of heap and permgen, turn them from children into attributes

was: 1a23154bba3f975506645374c2d2820ba6f66c5d

Implement alt-dd handling

was: 771ecb89a08e0768eb3f5ef40d993e7218b024c2

Fix merge issue

was: 6d00e91e4cd2d40c20baff18ba63880ae4a7336f

[AS7-2428] Make autoflush and append writable attributes.

was: dab06b50bf0a197257ee1082611180477ae44a5d

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AS7-2077 Add support for optional components that don't fail the deployment if not present

was: b94039ea3f14070750c167ce589ac6c06026be95

Make logger visible

was: 6e8ac918b3c4a02b217b437dd40a0e61c5c051a9

JBCTS-993: TCK ejb jacc tests passing; adding security-role parsing in jboss-ejb3.xml

was: 5c19bb48158bdbf9f5c7f375ef0f81699d911b0e

The root-logger must have a blank category. Fix issues with assign-handlers and unassign-handlers.

was: 848b9c3d730774c093a635d6bb98ed7636d1e1f8

AS7-2442 Give additional modules access to the same system level dependencies as the primary module

was: 8ca3b67b578e8cbac9d671c53eb71075c61866a0

AS7-2539 Correctly resolve Class-Path entries from WEB-INF/classes/META-INF

was: ae5d7235287d35dbc6d76a1ebbcbd040bd6734d5

Move StandaloneXml, DomainXml, HostXml out of shared controller module

was: 2f1aef1c9fd0846baf4ed2544cce9810795b84a3

AS7-385 Support expressions in management interface configurations AS7-1476 Support references to socket-binding configs in standalone server management interface configurations AS7-2603 Don't emit warning about no security realm for management connector when the connector isn't for management AS7-2606 Validate ability to parse and marshal configs from previous releases

was: 5bf82416ee03bd152c6ac2b32a03bf0333b6785e

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[AS7-2237] shutdown the HC if the HCEnvironment cannot be determined

was: d77e67fa325619ad405d519e937e10dd8ef965b6

AS7-2551 removed logging 'connected...' and 'closed connection...' messages

was: f3ba987d01a48afdc24abc9a639464c666e1acc8

Get remoting tests working. Fix GenericSubsystemDescribeHandler to handle non-existant resources

was: a2175e572a9112c609afb49e944f6266c90fc866

AS7-2438 consistent help format

was: 7d08747eb580031b9d318d7ac47f6b13412f26a8

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Add ExpressionResolver test

was: cc4221abf36022510861bc3a70de0429867f1c71


Make ManagedScheduledExecutorService implement the ScheduledExecutorService interface and

proxy all the methods to the underlying executor

was: 25be391643b9e131be92e8e6e90bd99ae599840e

Update XNIO and Remoting to CR

was: 0a50d43096b8d9c8ab9321e3dd445cbda686f649

[AS7-2455, AS7-1367] Properly handle rotate-size.

was: 770ae97f877deff6bfe956c7f4efd269c65679eb

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[AS7-2427] Remove superfluous attributes in logging subsystem

was: 8370b28e7d0257eea2616b16f73d23fd004beee2

Don't throw away the resolution return value

was: 5af63a14724213fce6d16df34f5b400148be6662

[AS7-2185] Do not expose logging through the PlatformMBean management layer.

was: 528adbdfc66522c51c5736a87ea3874b72df592a

Do not give the level attribute a default value.

was: d2597cf2cbface48e5306f1c35f01ce03ca80793

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[AS7-809] Fix dependency scope and remove unneeded jboss-logging-tools-generator dependency.

was: 0e4c4aa2b62af2265a3a41c936e72376e1f79354