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JBAS-9181: an embedded server factory with a clean class path

was: a7005511773e5f0827886a6f80a949c8301ae405

JBAS-9147 Add other ways of adding the deployment content.

was: dea0688de9be51992edfc137c4b40f4e5865227a

[JBAS-9186] Make sure host names are unique in DC

was: 33277cb0c76c514cb2f34ab0deca329010b137b2

JBAS-9238, JBAS-9239

was: 2b9cc9472cfda2e3227fc2ce2a186909585c43d9

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JBAS-9237 TldParsingDeploymentProcessor must run before WebComponentProcessor

was: 05fa03f36f2689f6405b0a403b5a9a35daa3bfe8

[JBAS-9134] Flatten the jvm resource attributes [JBAS-9128] Initialize all jvm resource attributes

was: aee913687aa9c488e8f00f2c297afc538fbf9b71

fixed mac key bindings (thanks pilhuhn)

was: 6ef802b771955037b241ee0f1d8a94ca75fa30b4

fixed mac key bindings (thanks pilhuhn)

was: dab31db00ea8ab407c01f5006c74ef4d6ff00afa

Add the an option for extended class visibility ears to jboss-deployment-structure.xml

was: 062b408a96ddc98976d0fed3ca77c949f83e435e

Report deployment complete more eagerly when there is a failure

was: 704fc8ee9d483f66e47a1da4ee52147e02b2a765

[JBAS-9195] Fix message

was: fa0eab08ca6c4463f65d4a3d180e37395014f844

[JBAS-9112] Create an 'operation-headers' section in operation requests

was: cfaf79cbee972a03558b3ac38367f01ada45d3cc

JBAS-9225, add LOOPBACK_ADDRESS to the elements handled in writePropertyInterfaceCriteria

was: af12c9e68332d0d02b2aedfa215bd6ddc08917f4

[JBAS-9226] Don't auto-deploy when .undeployed marker is present

was: 4d7ed2feae6d5af1bbedd2d8c5ec0ff7e0bd8228

[JBAS-8990] make sure thread factory services all have proper name patterns

was: 83b767aa050702c90ae279aa5637eb8a3b06ab34

[JBAS-8999] remove usage of default thread factory from server

was: 150b49ec621adceeb6d7b9861a98226673ba6360

[JBAS-8998] remove usage of default thread factory from process-controller

was: f6fc072484d171bb5c5a8de723b2cd90fb50c495

[JBAS-8996] remove usage of default thread factory from host-controller

was: faf8a545c97c2c8f21807610f162383bd67e05a9

[JBAS-8994] - Remove the use of default thread factory from deployment-repository

was: e5fa0b6d0ba1367021351b8c371dbd86d3969830

[JBAS-8995] - Remove usage of default thread factory from deployment-scanner

was: 0a8aa684b8a1b489bf74e08f2d45a1fc38f382cc

Next is Beta3

was: a544a3b888a224ac3df48d48b531e55b4cc7d938

[JBAS-9223] Framework for new view description classes, binding, injection, and interceptors

was: e90dbdc470dafc3c0b1e0a719c182d96489b87c9

refactoring in command arguments parsing and related utility methods

was: 0dec8096241c827d614836162d26517f6dffcd91

Prepare for 7.0.0.Beta2 relase

was: bbffb80931a73b6d7f64923db044f7f9cad895f1

Reorder phase for release

was: 98e2480cdf28939322d53facebb705e13c07e865

move to install phase

was: 7c84d83f00c28213e568df9cce4d9d98e91d90ad

[JBAS-8992] Update jboss-as-controller-client thread factory to provide thread names.

was: 59140478f8106570dbfd8bddc7c735f76170d60e

Use URLs instead of files with tests that lookup resources on TCCL

was: 0d8dbd3c15970952d4ded1c1d994f1b033febecc

Fix URL handling of paths with spaces

was: e914bbb600716fedbcef80c137196bd141f2d0cf

JBAS-9218 tab-completion for undeploy and -l switches for deploy and undeploy

was: d0767bae93d6f8c8614c39f7cf0bdc4c38a7915b

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