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AS7-1116 AS7-1110 Add support for the default Rhino Javascript engine provided by the JDK

was: 7b4a401f8a941ffdec91b87efb57db0039ebe8e7

generic type command: removed explicit type operations, added help --attributes and --commands

was: 67545f0a836e3535a1d2d4be05c967b2404f43ce

Reconnect slave to restarted domain controller

was: 197c9e675625d90accfe28671a6849b43a67bc24

Make org.jboss.vfs module visible by default

was: 3ac3d25812c594ecbf20023a31f48f4bdd697559

Avoid hangs when the remote end is closed, e.g. by :shutdown

was: 61f0e333e302e4fb50efb87810071a9b3687ef7d

moving WS EJB integration processor from POST_MODULE to PARSE phase

was: a7332249987f978c00933715d7d4e21b316d600e

Change handling of Class-Path so it no longer sets up dependencies between deployments

was: 7a20f68f9bdc590df48632a23ecb918ced5ab229

Change jndi dependency service to be per subdeployment

was: 565910eb4631256f8fe0fd39e980d8c684df1807

Get included profiles and socket-binding-groups working

was: 5e06e81055d0dfdd1a5f2d949d66b5b7c48f8602

Revert "[AS7-1051] Rename 'connections' to 'outbound-connections' and move the management-interfaces element within management."

This reverts commit 6cd0d90844a8c0e5da7b3589a7351e645a7d2033.

was: f76b55fb02bf2a83530c9b63b738ef212b7fde75

Revert "AS7-1051 Foundation for a domain.xml management element"

This reverts commit f361f0164dd4bb214d930c12a35623a0c00bf8c5.

was: b29f3f3befa4a2ac5d2765623e66659f31a896e4

Revert "Don't log the stack trace for an OFE"

This reverts commit c65027e96dbf6cd36788c68d4e1a2b10a050a1e9.

was: c18b559fe6a6539ed36c31f564ddb9997476237f

Revert "AS7-1051 Management and service container resources under core-service=X"

This reverts commit ea08bb6682397e889221ee68ab483fbeab3b580d.

was: 08e35cc1cb6a8dd8c935a2f6e733b920dd485798

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Rename the host stop operation to 'shutdown' to match the server op

was: 1fc318a35c29d1d1da2d1ab5572fcde66630cdc9

Add a serivce with a dependency on all JNDI bindings in the deployment

was: b89a7b78fec2ec5d6efea48b258193164ea9f6d1

AS7-1051 Management and service container resources under core-service=X

was: ea08bb6682397e889221ee68ab483fbeab3b580d

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
AS7-1051 Management and service container resources under core-service=X

was: 137f9f4aa8c6f9d5d2dc9962a261ab83f1c830a2

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Get cli :shutdown working (a bit rough round the edges if you try to do anything but 'connect' in the next command

was: f95eb3b0a67e7cf7b3c2f479ae7eef9fade6b938

Implement shutdown in management protocol

was: c85640e627778afdf09c3a2e893c9566c258970e

Don't log the stack trace for an OFE

was: ef9760a02f80d17cf40de7f0a7761cde1a47b837

Don't log the stack trace for an OFE

was: c65027e96dbf6cd36788c68d4e1a2b10a050a1e9

Handle channel close at management protocol level

was: f482dd23d645c9541ac2ff8ad3f3a3ab6b839a74

Add a PU service dependency on components within the PU scope

was: 6fb2053524d04655413d7fbe82adf9058e3952c3

Make test slightly more robust

was: e9842565e92ad1d7b7a37ffd2ca094003ff9bf2b

AS7-1051 Foundation for a domain.xml management element

was: f361f0164dd4bb214d930c12a35623a0c00bf8c5

AS7-1051 Foundation for a domain.xml management element

was: bbe334a30c49cf964e44362ad4f65ef2771240a7

switched from '*' to '?' to get operation descriptions in generic type operation handler

was: 69653e340781c8cd9478a22e9568b389da9b3587

Remoting 3.2.0.Beta2, XNIO 3.0.0.Beta3

was: b71a83a6f019a977a33f4a187996c4aec1f4162a

Saner proxy transaction protocol

was: 4e31b2d44bae993c4386b502a7bc45d80427d76f

generic type operation handler (previously the prototype for data-source command)

was: ee1f8a4a7d0f18cb84c0917973ee13dab7d77e77