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Move ObjectTypeAttributeDefinition and ObjectListAttributeDefinition to controller

was: af996de543195c678a244c3d919f9a60918d1396

[AS7-2407] also log the cause message

was: 1976c0022b31da0bb59c59edc0d20c0ee2ebe791

fix zanata configuration

was: 6c5993c6b8bc6fb2d73858a9d5bb9ec28634da07

[AS7-2685] Add some validation of criteria combinations

was: 20df3d6c4173a6af0439c35667d840f32df1ae60

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Some small logging issues.

was: 6d349f17f092265947c19d676c009c92a73b32c3

AS7-2536 externalized basic cli config, i.e. default controller and history to jboss-cli.xml

was: 6140a496ef43871220ec9829470d426b4feb62a0

[AS7-500] testcase

was: c04aa339bdd4f02ef4d32715c30f3af9537adea6

[AS7-500] set servers in a restart-required state, if they are out of sync

was: d5907fc88f4c8e52b94da138c23b70bdf0672ce5

[AS7-2548] Also convert the security realm attribute to a resource.

was: 72522093a417a0f544adaf253f927628eeb01b6d

[AS7-4026] update testcase setup and fix the close handling

was: c8c610bb949dbea84a97b23d00874d6288f2809e

[AS7-2548] Log the resulting OptionMap at TRACE level to allow debugging of final configuration used.

was: 9be0b924da687ef798d67f91d85a96070842b96e

[AS7-2548] Process the SASL child element and merge it with the realm based OptionMap.

Of the two sets of Options the ones specified in the configuration take priority over the generated

options making it possible to fine tune the auto selected options.

was: bd327465463efaf4e77f86b1678ca094362a167d

cleaning up the api: renamed 'Prefix' in the names to 'NodePath' for clarity

was: dc901671cf5e78e39082452b06a7a4d10954d812

[AS7-4032] allow the server to be stopped first

was: d4260d2bb9d1c0ab05ef2a3e4b8533832f5b2cae

[AS7-2407] propagate the failure notification to the registering host

was: 7a6ddc84ed86a8c9d4e6734e274b2d9062da0361

[AS7-3966] seperate stop and shutdown

was: 42c907428de3cc83309e385d61c51ed9289b5c94

[AS7-4027] Add HOST_CONTROLLER_ONLY flag to server config add/remove ops

was: 13f14d7c237a19e8f52e8e2599a690e2f8581938

AS7-2342 Misc fixes and cleanups

was: b5c9e4b13993c9248939bb8fa0d4d0a24244907f

[AS7-4020] add-jvm-option operation does not work - fixed model description

was: 8ca069cbaf257f0dd82389dd32dc7284737da528

AS7-3996 deployment crashes console with --header={rollout id=XXX} parameter

was: 397679496024dde7576be8b35bfd34ee8796e782

[AS7-4014] Trim whitespace from the decoded Base64 representation and log a warning if whitespace was removed.

was: 8c2d10f059aa215b1bfd9991d1c1ff788d91debf

removed previous version of echo-dmr

was: 90e98f4366afe594e0e0b44da4a872b32b13ec6b

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AS7-4003 echo-dmr command echoes dmr requests for entered commands and operations

was: 5fe3c04d4409cca5740bb0316d0c9bb59b4731f0

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[AS7-2264] The URLs reported for the console were not usable

was: b08c4cf5df0fe8d79daec7e01645eefb067dd5a7

AS7-3850 Use ReloadRequiredWriteAttributeHandler, fix marshalling order, misc fixes

was: e048e18530c7a9f6f37478158c3152a6f370b7f6

Update zanata-maven-plugin to 1.5.0

was: 07334a7a5c474c59583cb1bb6bcce646bb0bc620

AS7-3994 Apply 'connect' command IPv6 parsing to commmand line parsing

was: a0cef639909c259212ae208369632c285a20345a

[AS7-3991] Fix typo in command line help

was: 88b23178b0e378d79cb72b3366f2f8b226e5422f

[AS7-2342] Allow tmp, log and data directories to be organized by type.

Allow more than one additional configuration parser to be registered.

was: 1ef16af414d6862baaa375d730b3e97ea96c4a61

JBPAPP-8272 Typo in the validate-operation description

was: eedbcaadd08a0ec74d55e7485ecdf3664d87c7af