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switched from '*' to '?' to get operation descriptions in generic type operation handler

was: 69653e340781c8cd9478a22e9568b389da9b3587

Remoting 3.2.0.Beta2, XNIO 3.0.0.Beta3

was: b71a83a6f019a977a33f4a187996c4aec1f4162a

Saner proxy transaction protocol

was: 4e31b2d44bae993c4386b502a7bc45d80427d76f

generic type operation handler (previously the prototype for data-source command)

was: ee1f8a4a7d0f18cb84c0917973ee13dab7d77e77

generic type operation handler (previously the prototype for data-source command)

was: dd121676389425ffaf2694ae0dca5a06893b6c24

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[AS7-1051] Rename 'connections' to 'outbound-connections' and move the management-interfaces element within management.

was: 6cd0d90844a8c0e5da7b3589a7351e645a7d2033

[AS7-1051] Rename 'connections' to 'outbound-connections' and move the management-interfaces element within management.

was: 72410e71e2070e85a3f34248421924fda4adc596

run the aggregation handler for runtime queries after the runtime stage

was: 8a1b89b461e8f9db375e535a336d5b7201740d36

Remove illegal file-name attrib

was: 3135f9c1b0fc6793f24d474a9bef72259bc39196


was: c557191bf641418cf63314979f298b0e27a3dbde

Close input stream before writing response Don't require people to implement readRequest() and writeResponse() in protocol handlers Don't make the request extend the response handler Get rid of ManagementResponseContext and ManagementRequestContext Split ManagementRequestHandler into read (uses input), process and write (uses output) Add request header support for one-way operations although they probably won't be implemented yet Move consuming of rest of stream into finally block

was: a920420764490911c937733f0866679af8ebde4b

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DUPs modify Resource from other threads, so sync the LinkedHashMaps Tell the context you're modifying services if that's what you're doing

was: d13627d2d52b424df9c08a18df17079d7fe03024

AS7-895 Temporarily always pull deployments to slave controller

was: b04319eee0c41f6fddd5ddaef893854cdf0acb23

AS7-1062 Rename New* internal classes

was: d7bdde49668f1639928d5fe44ab5b3ab49c9af8e

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AS7-1062 Rename New* interfaces and classes used by subsystems

was: aaa98fda5137b6020da9e63f85414b963424793b

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AS7-1062 Rename ModelNodeRegistration to ManagementResourceRegistration

was: f3ce38d34e214f0933fe24679bb030132ad8faf0

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AS7-607 Correctly populate the DeploymentPlanResult

was: 51f4412e618537ed371192f66fb546fd9e38272b

Move test to ANONYMOUS mechanism which matches the servers default configuration.

was: 337345f97a64f8448ad02fd650939847b613cedb

[AS7-1050] Slave domain controllers need to authenticate aganinst the master domain controller when security is enabled.

was: 28b75140bc443e8577a70d7d877b16e7d9e8109f

[AS7-1085] Keep the client side channel close handler open until we have handled the response

was: bda68ed56a0e099811cc2e0c504c77545030a7de

Wrap the CallbackHandler being used when connecting to the server so that we can take into account CallbackHandler / user interaction when checking if we have timed out.

was: 1481120435b41ffe267c114a58d5ff202eeeb080

AS7-1077 - Make deployment scanner dependent on deployer chains

was: 6125a09d45e98c5b174a825b6d035d8ad1554d96

Avoid NPE in CLI

was: c85a076e377f8b18ec964ce2a31a957ac3811df3

[AS7-1047] Make anonymous authentication silent in the CLI.

was: 846d2e215c3ca118fddfdb85a0677d33b8b1e27d

AS7-1040 Fix current working directory while triggering host controller

was: 8eaa5fa5a1e90ccfee1ffc9fbb70d527b10fc132

[AS7-1056] Now handles ungraceful shutdown of remote slave HCs. Temp workaround while waiting for REM3-121 to handle ungraceful shutdown

was: e0b7832607e5fc4fe54760ac8c3378052c16aed5

notify the attachments proxy if something goes wrong

was: fb57a925f6ea7ad0ce7e7417fa183bf66faa251f

make model modifications visible to other writing contexts

was: b83fb6b62be8724a49d180d9f6f44c3b1e926578

[AS7-1047] Additional switch to support anonymous SASL by default.

was: a0bf50bca52be85d351a855c47016cd3465b0136

Readd a few of the missing logging pieces

was: d46058694901d7f0240a5f549e047b9f2ab99cb5