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AS7-431: fixed full-replace and make sure the PathContentServitor service is removed

was: fd2d9bc1d601f835930dd7fcc645793c531ac10e

AS7-679 undeploy --keep-content and deploy --name=app-in-repo

was: 9b9bfe62785299b84ef1f3b3dd344a5f5b5fe14f

AS7-666 added --all-server-groups as an alternative to --server-groups=group1,group2... to deploy/undeploy

was: cece0eeb2043bbc8acb047ca94f293ac3334ffbc

AS7-675: handle attributes for jvm:add

was: 4bffadfd7bdbe18e6d2bc0dff21aefd6e85eba6a

0 is a valid value for socket-binding-port-offset

was: 54d4c179411797dccc0cf9ec5f99b6de5bb9bc1c

[AS7-431] Create the correct operation structure for a domain mode deployment add

[AS7-431] Use the correct content add structure in DomainDeploymentManager

[AS7-431] Fix parsing and marshalling issues

[AS7-431] Use correct operation structure when HostController starts a server

[AS7-431] Use current JIRA id in failure message

was: 81a24f0ac1da4af49913c3b8e0ed2d09718b4970

AS7-666 tab completion for server groups for deploy/undeploy

was: 0c3a06ef184d0abef21a0ab0d85d1a52a1b50e09

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AS7-431: content add operation handling for the domain

was: ebd340304bfafbdbf6365339c467bb2be88888b6

AS7-666 evil domain deploy support

was: d630524128c109e25870585d20c3aaba907858ed

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Re-add the socket group includes add/remove handlers wrongly deleted in 69afcb91cd3abd8c9c6fc31634fba066c46461c6 and add to the model

was: f9771aeb31aa6560af564bffbbbf9c7be1609fc1

[AS7-451] removing dependencies on MSC deprecated classes

was: 48d4d6389ad8903dbc303251c63727a2280e045a

updated help files wrt '--' argument convention, added arg value completion for history command

was: c37d93afb36343fe3c70378cb2f164f03fbe2c9e

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AS7-431: unwarred welcome.war and handling exploded unmanaged content

was: 534c9569d7f929cc854da099c0c3cf191b655b92

Tidy up socket-binding-group, use 'includes' instead of 'include'

was: 69afcb91cd3abd8c9c6fc31634fba066c46461c6

AS7-636 context dependent command argument completion and value completion

was: 8da605ec62976f25aae3709d95e042dfed97aceb

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Use 'includes' for attributes

was: bac2192028ef8ceebaa099dbe7fb15e565a6e88b

Revisit the profile descriptors, and settle on 'include' List<String> as the name of the includes

was: 178fe56349f855f304c39ee8df44dd3cb3500421

JBAS-9020: allow unmanaged content items

was: d441ecee47404e66207e9797d50c40c65c781560

JBAS-9020: fix writing back standalone.xml

was: 9a2ba175631b4f62ec93c72ab0ca00866c2a2528

More fixes to Beta4

was: ea470d5faec3d84eba0d25ee0fb17b24dc420a07

JBAS-9020: remove usage of dmr from runtime operations and make the content come in via a service

was: feecd19f7cc501d98c66add72917babdbeca0dce

jboss.server.deployment.scanner.default was silently failing in embedded tests

was: a335f5f0934ce8c5ce3ca3fb6f519a4cda152acb

JBAS-9370 prefix arg names with '--', JBAS-9371 use named args for deploy

was: 8bfcc648f335249b4ef1863bad63fb90ae706c7a

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[JBAS-8931] Make packages from OSGi deployments visible to EE

was: d98455758eb891433ff33cc1cd358387cb89dc63

Onward to Beta4

was: 744d9d8792a0a35a4c0e06e9cdc4cda0b0814739

Prepare 7.0.0.Beta3

was: ca2ac177945fe0160db4f14ee15ff581fcf02480

Fix wrong dep that was preventing phases from ordering properly (fixes integration tests)

was: 4310aa87ecca59bfef4cb9fd0a664d328c061269

[JBAS-9348] Properly isolate state between tests

was: 81f6140aaa38c1ede82a589b12bd7ad1355b6304

JBAS-9020: rename DeploymentRepository to ContentRepository and create a 1:N relationship between deployment and content

was: c0f9b25aec7d73e694ee3478643848b56fbbce09

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[JBAS-9358] Register the read-config-as-xml operation handler for the local host.

was: 0cf890ebe5e6c2db81c1b8fd7944923f2c91a3d6