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Make PicketBox SecurityVault optional

was: d98e0c56fdc56e8880541e3034916ff1a05bdd5c

[AS7-2820][AS7-2816] Make the JMX subsystem writable and make connector a child resource

was: c22f3a47ab5fa466aeb34fd3a1a3a094d0e8d957

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AS7-329 simplified rollout plans and first version of jboss-cli.xml config and schema

was: 042e0665f28f30a9b6ceb6f1758b1b7e3042bc2b

Reload operation for the Host Controller

Add a BootstrapListener to Host Controller

was: e0f42f1329951d09bcd61c3599df8d0f38d1a095

Use a privileged action to set system property

was: 0852b79c70b5c3868c70b9de1f44740cfee3d523

[AS7-2867] Move jmx subsystem element attributes into a child element

was: 1776eedab3b75bd5307705d642d0e1dd71bb6dc3

[AS7-2866] Move remoting subsystem element attributes into a child element

was: f014189bfab3e67d9779f2a2e923d0b3d1809f4b

[AS7-2856] Upgrade to JBoss SASL 1.0.0.Beta8

was: 00df2732051c440147a8f6e023853866a58de28f

AS7-2851 the basics for the read-attribute command

was: 937dbc7ee8825cbcb712a6a724179a02c8d93a33

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Drive OperationContext and ModelController by ProcessType and RunningMode, not OperationContext.Type

was: 66428ee863862f37fd9da624750c8e33fdb06d30

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[AS7-2766] Configure a timeout of 15s for incomming connections.

was: d17d2c86776e47e33811353c619da18a38fa6071

Separate domain/standalone auth dirs. Protect permissions via Java instead of shell. Protect props files

was: ed895ee873f46bcd0d502db237e6378a2359ab9d

AS7-380 Support an 'admin-only' running mode for a standalone server" Interface management fixes uncovered while testing AS7-380

was: 6d886ae770369d38c504aeaac887450a461505f7

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Minor deployment replace handler tweaks

was: c517abff2a8b5adeb2545233ba5780d1b55bd0f4

[AS7-2733] Clean up hack. All action can take place in the domain operation handlers now that we can see the server inventory

was: ea90c87ce6c063618b41bf9d76d47e34dc45d6bc

Merge HC and DC modules

was: cbf867a1852153748e05ad94c6fa48b2f0a01120

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Add ability to set a ParameterCorrector for a SimpleAttributeDefinition.

was: b75cb0b388a19d87cfe55b6a16d256702ae84a8a

[AS7-1706] Fix the changing of the file for file handlers. Allow the write-attribute and update-properties operations to also change the file.

was: e58ed59e2c79d7ff72cfe34ffac1780cc6a5f185

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[AS7-2614] Copy old attribute values for the update-properties operation if the value is not defined in the new value.

was: 8845aed7baf0b34f1b587f564aed944fce94dea1

[AS7-2733] Test the domain level server start/stop/restart methods

was: bb7781e85c420af76e10a5dd69090896c3b861e8

Kill System.out.printlns()

was: 8bedf82a5bcdfefa22de2ad458ffd88d48788091

AS7-2833 include the AS release info into the version results

was: 8f1401a189253c6dc1f79ef79a12ee9a3f9288d6

[AS7-2813] Use the DomainManagementMessages to obtain messages for interacting with end user.

was: ed41825ad2559d3cb451d4830912e5d031b98efe

Fix assertion now that code is fixed

was: 757ee5355f4a3e3037defa1aa061beb1300cb077

Remove unused example class

was: 24baa0d0fb628bf3253b2cfe3da11f983a2f98aa

AS7-2789 Detect -V command line param

was: 83a28b9632848537af2c2e003850b47c05e76242

Convert a bit of server module Main to i18n messages

was: bf5128ca325b0c24cb90fc5c80c3411709d5d169

removed logging of success after deploy/undeploy commands and made the tests to not depend on those messages

was: 03c0cf7acf5242204f4282aaab02d52f7817144a

[AS7-2426] If a slave host controller fails to authenticate against the master host controller is just keeps retrying, the authentication failure is now detected and aborts the process.

was: 144314f63896ca50ef395e01e121be37b872d21c

[AS7-2787] Update the add user utility to provide better error on invalid response to yes/no confirmation and allow subsequent chance to answer question without starting again.

was: f18d117790d19fbb1eeeeb73416211ea99a9b6f5