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Improve error handling

was: a3a1aeb36b2d5b55cd29acd1abd7f58d31bdb129

Add convenience method to OperationContext to replace deprecated getType() == SERVER usage

was: 947715f4f577d80fd4d89f61d5e4474bf2662c2a

Add ability to configure entity bean pool via annotations or DD

was: b1ce27e66f7dc8f3b0e1626a6bfff887fe5fcd1f

Shameful workaround

was: 5422b46336290438a3bbc5190545d1305128b730

Don't use operationFailed response for failures after operationPrepared has been sent

was: 49b4d96c9c93cbbfda053287a64c58821a7b7430

AS7-3434 current default dir notion

was: bc784dc89f0596147ae61801bee5a0b6ab4dd360

AS7-3432 CommandContext.handle(line) method to be able to execute commands/operations from other handlers, a convenience toRequest() method on a Batch

was: 2ce1f54eb7ca439c8c67dfdf9bed6e1581a0f777

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AS7-3163 Tighten up cancellation and lock release handling

was: 05bd544c814af20e25b252fdb1791e2ee18fe285

[AS7-2670] ignore false values when validating the model

was: 0ce6d7106d44de528a37ba7d91c00095893af497

AS7-3425: add cmd line option to set security properties

was: 685441620671571979e724667018a738c518066e

Initial support for deployable message destinations

was: 5b43edc014be3e76ef58969ebe0b20f935de3985

remove the spurious com.sun.* imports that are present by accident

was: de1bf948705e6aec474b0d3be844737e384bcb58

[AS7-1981] Use an operation context attachment rather than an exception to avoid propagation to the servers. Don't valiate the server group attributes on boot since the domain model is not complete

was: d0e6b3ef9c331f85ff55cf4e3cffdaad2814a6bd

AS7-3427 CLI Archive Implementation of interactive mode

was: 466abf91710c9248bef3f1b794848fad3ce785f5

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[AS7-1981] Remove printlns

was: 554b601e067c61f99b4d3764ae20d0c2f1392914

AS7-3409 deployment-info command

was: 72b6cdcac2883eaa7dcc23b262fc100c984d6b44

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Remove deprecated criteria attribute

was: 6a8b3764858ae988c8802c1d3dec00b889a715b6

[AS7-2999] Start using the updated Remoting API.

was: 00c441cc68357c4a1070f261eaafba81c10cf2c3

[AS7-2999] First steps to cache the Subject from the JAAS auth.

was: 2af7f491490ea47ee30ac506e523ca066bcfe52c

[AS7-2824] Bundles directory not resolved correctly with multi folder module-path definition

was: cdb3b1d8f9453b1eb4ec617a83509bce86e15481

AS7-3329 Allow the subsystem endpoint to be used for JMX connections

was: 84456235b414519af43c123876fb575b38c173b2

Remove services in the connection remove handlers

was: 817f5d85a3954020ebfd08571bcafe7d0d0ec5ac

Fixed wrong description for replace-deployment.

was: 057871ac29b57a45bbbe7ce6328c942056e075ab

AS7-3278 rollout plans support and tab-completion for commands

was: b688b0601e65de56df6848388c02385822a09d33

Repackage content and file repository classes

was: a4c07cb84dbd1613bcde2a944a1b5bce0a8189ed

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Move ServerDeploymentRepository to server module; rename to DeploymentMountProvider

was: 6f5b08b3493609a606705992098ef2f474d55dcc

[AS7-3397] The log handler service must be removed when removing a logger.

was: c62024e7af96974db464c8dd5e5e70f87a44cc42

AS7-2943 Minor tweaks

was: fa7e379c1899cbd1e697ec125d952542d5f9cfd6

[AS7-2440] Throw exception if log handler is assigned to a logger or async handler when the handler is being removed.

was: 0ffd5ec050fe41e25de75dd7b0457b45b61acdf5

[AS7-1981] Same treatment for server-config's socket-binding-group and port-offset and tests

was: e1f020f0a07eb5c6403e3f570b83eae7bd1e8816